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Show HN: Rocket Thrust Vectoring Control Simulator in the Browser (codesandbox.io)
4 points by polishdude20 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Hey HN! I whipped this little sim up in a few days to help me characterize and simulate the response of my thrust vectored model rocket. I posted about my flight computer a while back: https://github.com/polishdude20/CygnusX1

This uses a simple PID controller to bring the rocket to any angle you want from an initial angle. There's a lot of settings that can be changed and variables to play around with. Right now, It's configured to do sort of what starlink does during it's flip maneuver.

Anyways just thought I'd share!

Nice little program! Pretty fun playing around with the PID gains and other settings.

Saw you have an option to add torque noise. I tried adding some accelerometer noise (Just added some randomness to the input angle to doPID) and got some nice oscillations. Maybe this might affect your PID loop on a real rocket depending on how fast you're running the PID loop vs. polling the accelerometer/gyro?

uPlot is a cool library, I use it on a few projects :)

Oh yeah that's a good idea! I definitely need to include the effect of sensor noise and lag. I think the sensor can do a measurement every 10 ms or something like that

By the way I'd love to chat about what kind of data collection you're doing on Cygnus-X1. I've been building a platform for data collection, visualization, and sharing from experimental hardware (https://www.telemetryjet.com/).

Do you mind if I send you an email? Based on Cygnus and the Baja telemetry tool you have public on your Github I'd be really interested in getting your feedback about the project. It might be something that you'd find useful on your projects :)

Sure! I probably won't have time yet to test it out but I can take a look and answer any questions you've got.

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