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Best online communities for people building the future?
24 points by robertnowell 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments
Looking for recommendations on the best places online to co-work and interact with others who are focused on the hard unsexy work involved in going from zero to one.

Ideally places where technical folks gather to bond, exchange ideas, and work together.

Imagine an online version of NYC's Recurse Center or YC startup school -- high caliber people working hard toward achieving difficult things.

Any discord / slack / websites / other groups where smart people are hanging out and working on stuff?

I'm working on podaero.com with a goal kind of like this - I will be launching some public groups over the next week (it's been private for a while). I'm planning a 'Show HN' soon.

I'm interested in the idea of group-power and building complex organizations out of small groups - or at the minimum, providing a good place for "project people" to be part of a long term support community. The focus is on small (but not tiny) groups where people can effectively network and get to know each other.

Feel free to email me (see profile) to get in touch.

Hacker News is the best I can think of.

It is quite new, so many not have the "best place" tag yet, but a discord channel https://discord.gg/MzhGqQC is a place for meeting people who are working on startups.

Hi, can you count me in? Please, this is the most in tune idea, I have heard in a long shot.

I've been thinking of creating a small/intimate Mastodon instance purely for this reason. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Sounds cool, lmk if you pursue it.

groups and communities are too regressive these days, i think individualist media like twitter is the place where most original voices are

Look offline.

Count me interested!

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