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Show HN: Kando data-driven fundraising platform (kando.tech)
2 points by pseps 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

We are opening the beta of our AI-driven fundraising platform for startups and are keen to get your feedback. To try please do the following: 1. Create an account/login. 2. Find your company in our database by doing a search at http://data.kando.tech/search/content (or create it at http://data.kando.tech/node/add/company if it isn’t there) 3. Describe your company in as much detail as possible and add all the relevant information (e.g. location, industry, any descriptive tags, funding rounds, employees, etc.). 4. Click on the “Find investors for this company” button under the company logo.

A pre-populated CRM board with the investors most likely to invest in your company (with the contacts there ranked by degree of potential interest and social graph proximity, based on the information that was provided) will be created. You can also add investors manually by going to that investor’s profile and clicking on the “Add to” button and selecting your fundraising project.

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