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Ask HN: Are you experiencing kernel panics on your M1 Mac?
3 points by starbugs 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments
I got an M1 MacBook Pro in January and I have experienced a couple of kernel panics.

One or two happened when the machine tried to go to sleep. The other happened during normal work.

I have the Docker Desktop Tech Preview installed, which mentions that it may cause panics. But the Docker VM was not running when the last kernel panic occurred.

Now I am wondering whether something is wrong with my machine or if this is a common issue with the new machines and just Big Sur being buggy?

I'm not sure, but given that the M1 Macs come with Big Sur as the first OS installed, I would wait a bit until the software has matured a bit.

By then, I could not only get a newer generation of Macs probably having an M1X or M2 chip, it would probably be running a newer version macOS, with all these issues, bugs and panics fixed and the developer ecosystem also catching up with Apple Silicon based Macs.

Zero kernel panics with an m1 mini used for fullstack node dev. Great little box with a crazy fast single core speed.

Two things:

1) Docker images are not virtual machines (see this link: https://www.docker.com/resources/what-container)

2) Maybe the Docker Engine (the service that bootstraps the images) caused the panic?

On Mac, a linux VM is run and then containers exist in there.

I had a kernel panic on Sunday. It was the second day of owning my M1 MacBook Air. There was barely anything installed on the machine. The panic happened when I was running Firefox. The screen turned a weird color and instantly rebooted.

Yes. Mounting WebDAV and creating a directory in it causes immediate kernel panic on M1 Macs. Fun.

Data point of 1, but I haven't had any problems with my M1 MBA.

+1, My M1 Air has been panic-free so far.

That said, I've tried to keep it as a "dumb browser machine" at the moment (for unrelated reasons), so I haven't pushed it in any meaningful way so far.

Same here

Yes like 5 times a day, but it boots fast. I usually have vscode, xcode, terminals and a couple of others things open

I’ve had a few but not a lot. About as many as I’d expect with new hardware and software.

Not kernel panics, but the apple music app has been crashing a lot.

I've had mine since early Dec. No panics for me.

Not me

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