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Show HN: Recursive – A puzzle game about recursion, patterns, and programming (apps.apple.com)
10 points by chaabani 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Congrats, it’s a little challenging in small screen but great concept and execution otherwise

Thanks for your feedback. I am glad you like it.

This looks cool! Does anyone know of something similar but more appropriate for a 4 year old? This one might be good for me but I’d also love to get my kid playing something like this.

You can have a look at Lightbot Jr and Kodable for more kid oriented programming games.

I have started building a game where kids make their own mini-games. It will be more focused on drawing and customizing items and then using them to build the mini-games, but there will also be some programming aspects as well.

Would this be something that may interest you and your kids?

If you'd like, I'll gladly exchange with you about the topic. You can find my email on the app store or on my website (visible in my profile).

Hi HN!

I am glad to share Recursive with you. It is a minimalistic puzzle game where you create short programs to instruct robots to collect all gems.

I think many people here may enjoy it. So I am available if you have any questions and will appreciate your feedback.

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