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Ask HN: When did outsourcing technical interviews become a thing?
3 points by neuwk 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Today I was approached by a well known company who asked me to schedule a live 1-2-1 technical interview with them. It became apparent after booking the interview that it was ran completely by a third party and no one from the company i applied to would be in attendance.

Interviews are two way streets, so for me this was a red flag as I want to get a feel for the company also so I prompty cancelled the interview and replied to them saying thanks but no thanks.

Has anyone ever come across this? What are your throughts on this level of outsourcing tech tests?

I have been making many interviews recently. I think they are in a rush for getting people on board with specific talent however the more experience you have I think the more valuable you are as an employee. Knowing a very specific thing does not make much difference. An experienced developer can become quickly effective in a new area. I have decided not to work on many companies and also many of them have decided not to hire me. Which I think is Ok. I mean I want to work for a company where they value what I know. And also I want to have enough time to work on what I like the most at that moment whatever it is. I understand the business is not to consider peoples feelings but the most I learn the most I understand best practices, the more effective I become and if people leading tech stacks don't realize the fact of that the more easy they will end up messing projects down. I don't like project management i am developer i like to create elegant, intelligent software I care about that and nothing else I enjoy that.

I agree with you, likewise I have also been actively looking for a new job and my coding tests have also given me the ability to ask questions around how they also would tackle the same challenges and as a result of the feedback I receieved also allowed me to make an informed decision whether I wanted to continue the interview process with them

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