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Show HN: Turn scripts into fine-tuned voices via Wiki markups (github.com/baxtree)
18 points by icer2020 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Wiki2SSML eases the burden of voice editors preparing scripts in SSML, widely understood by modern speech synthesizers including Amazon Polly, Google TTS, IBM Watson TTS and Microsoft Azure TTS, etc. It is powered by WikiVoice which provides an unobtrusive solution of blending voice-tuning markups with free texts and creates seamless experiences of editing scripts and voices in one go.

It looks great, have you considered adding a visual editor?

We have one for our systems: https://narrationbox.com

Nice plug. Your digital marketing is on point. I didn't know this was a thing, and now I do, and I'm adjacent to someone that would be in the market. Well done.

Very handy indeed. I wonder if a plugin can be made for Wiki2SSML on Narration Box.

I will look into it, Wiki2SSML looks very handy.

Thanks and your select&annotate&render approach is definitely a cool solution. Some editors such as Wiki-authors may prefer plain text editing so I feel there could be a middle ground where users can toggle on or off the raw markups.

Are there any examples of the audio it produces?

It does not produce audio itself but markups used for generating speech audio.

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