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Ask HN: Does Google look at !g queries to help improve search results?
17 points by fbelzile 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments
As in, accidental !g's typed by DDG users thinking they're on DDG.

Google can't even tell that the search is coming from DuckDuckGo, as DDG sends this when redirecting to a Google-owned service:

    <meta name='referrer' content='never'>
Interestingly, it doesn't to other networks. For example, Wikipedia, Reddit, and Twitter redirects use this:

    <meta name='referrer' content='origin'>
So they can tell it's from DDG, but not the exact URL (not that it matters because they get the query anyways)

Right, but he's referring to queries done on Google itself by users who thought they were using DDG but weren't.

I added the text to clarify the question later.

Do they not send it to a custom URL? I thought Google would pay for sending them traffic.

That is probably less than a rounding error in terms of traffic.

I’d guess being a monopoly they really don’t care to stress over small improvements.

Are you asking if Google accounts for the bangs? You probably won't get a straight answer, but it's certainly possible. I believe Google keeps track of the order of your searches, so they might take that into account if you remove the bang and click through to what you were looking for.

My guess: Probably not.

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