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While forbin is cagey, my bet is it's a single linux box running some python code, as well as shelling out to various programs (BASIC, etc).

OTOH, I could be very wrong.. it does seem to have a CPU, with opcodes, that I can disassemble.. Truth or clever fiction? Half the fun.

What I think is incredibly cool is not just the simulation of a single system, but of an entire network, the environment the networks ran on, and the historic "feel", with fake users, nodes, hacking tools, games, interpreters, random files spread all around.

It's one of the most incredible things I've ever seen.

I'm half wondering if it's possible to mirror this in some way so it can be preserved for posterity..."telehack in a box" or some such.

Here's his response!

"@kymalabs single process, epoll event loop, perl. 2 interpreters, z-code and basic. old uucp maps, utzoo usenet, textfiles.com, SIMTEL, ..."


I'm guessing it's Perl, and some shellinabox. You can jump to memory address 151 and then jump to 7363054 to see timers

$ call -151 * 7363052g

> TH::show_starwars from src/th_starwars.pm

Etc, etc. But as one graybeard told me, it's a mix of OSes, Apple II core dump, and tons of other stuff. Just absolutely amazing.

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