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Ask HN: What websites do you visit every day?
156 points by global-citizen 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 133 comments
I've only recently discovered HN and absolutely love the community. I stumbled across it from a comment over on Ars Technica and it got me thinking: what other sites may I be missing out on?

People on here and Ars resonate with me, so I figure ask and see if there are others that might interest to me or other members of the community.

I'll start. I religiously check these sites, in this order, maybe 4-5 times a day:

1. Sydney Morning Herald (smh.com.au)

2. news.com.au

3. Ars Technica (arstechnica.com)

4. Hacker News (here)

5. Politico (politico.com)

6. Fox News (foxnews.com)

Every now and then (like right now) I visit today's HN, but usually I like to follow it 48-72 hours behind (using the _past_ link). After a couple of days, the dust has settled, and you don't have to check back to see how a conversation evolved. This also keeps me from wasting time trying to get karma.

I have a small list of blogs I follow.

* https://www.scottaaronson.com

* https://blog.plover.com

* https://blog.rongarret.info

* https://drewdevault.com

* https://thezvi.wordpress.com

* https://acoup.blog

Like a barbarian, I check them every day instead of using RSS or even paying attention to their update schedules. In aggregate, I get about one new post to read every day.

When I'm in the mood to know what's going on in the world, I check:

* https://text.npr.org

* https://lite.cnn.io

I also follow the alternative weekly for a reality check on what I read here on HN.

Edit: formatting

1. HN

2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Current_events

3. YouTube (Daily Dose Of Internet, Two Minute Papers, Sebastian Lague)

4. Roblox

5. keyhero.com

I didn't know about the current events portal, that's awesome! Thank you :)

Is it just me, or is Two Minute Papers mostly ads now

Roblox to play? Or something else?

1. Gmail (once per day)

2. HN (all day, every day)

3. YouTube (Here are the channels I subscribe to) https://www.youtube.com/user/ka9dgx/channels

4. Slashdot (It once saved me from having my office without internet for 6 months, when our ISP suddenly went away, and I got in line first for 2 replacement ISPs, we always had 2 after that)

5. Reddit (Lots of programming related stuff)

6. Twitter (To vent into the void, rather than here)

7. Facebook (To see what my friends are up to) Be sure to use this url for reverse-chronological listings: https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr

There used to be more.

Is there a way to browse Instagram in reverse-chronological order?

Libgen's last added page: http://libgen.rs/search.php?mode=last&view=detailed&timefirs...

It is my digital equivalent of roaming in a library, and finding random new books.

I also use this website to see the content and if I like it enough to buy it. I have bought several books that I haven otherwise havent because of this.

How legal is this website?

Not much. I skim the first few pages, and buy elsewhere if I can (in some cases, there are legal copies on archive.org)

It is the discovery aspect that is interesting to me - ever since the pandemic, I've been missing the "run through a bookshelf at a library" experience, and this is the best I have so far.

I like web sites that I can easily access from inside the terminal. My goto browser is links and I usually check these URLs a couple of times a day:

https://text.npr.org https://lite.cnn.com/en

Speaking of news, I visit https://legiblenews.com/index.html once a day.

Besides the usual (HN/Reddit/preferred news site), i really like checking deviantart.com daily. Insanely talented bunch of people there.

HN (here)








There are others that I check "frequently" but not necessarily "every day" including lwn.net, various sub-reddits (/r/machinelearning, /r/semanticweb, /r/artificial, etc.), various stack exchange sites, etc.

i’m ready for spring fishing!

Me too. But I can't complain right now... I've caught a couple of decent largemouth bass already this year, despite the cold. I caught a nice 17" LMB from the Eno River just a couple of days ago. Made my week!

Everyday that will be Feedly, HN. Twitter and Youtube are very close but not everyday. And google of course, We cant do anything on the internet without a search engine.

I am increasingly finding Twitter very hard to follow. And it isn't the content but my usage patten doesn't fit it. I want it to be more like a RSS Reader where all of my followed account are listed. And categorised by their Topic. So these group of people belongs to Tech, those belongs to politics etc...

You should try adding everyone to lists. Then instead of checking your feed you check the individual lists. It’s a nice experience.

I did, but the adding to list function doesn't work well. And they still clutter up my main feed section. Silencing them sometimes work and sometimes doesn't ( I have no idea why ).

And searching doesn't work well either. It is a bit like Facebook, both got the basic right at the right time and fail to innovate thereafter.

You can probably use Feedly to follow Twitter. If not you could use a nitter instance.






highscalability.com (weekly)

https://finshots.in/archive/ (mostly indian news though)

gmail., live.com (duh)


stackoverflow (not that i have to , but i end up visiting anyways)

medium (i have cut down my usage a lot)


and many many more!!!

and many many more!

1) Use inoreader to read many RSS feed headlines and click through to articles of interest. Top RSS feeds: BBC, NYT, BusinessInsider, HN, various personal interests.

2) Facebook: family, friends, and topics of interest.

3) Twitter about 3 or 4 times a week or when something topical occurs.

4) Youtube: first goto for educational and some entertainment videos

5) Amazon: shopping and prime videos

6) Netflix

7) EBay: some things are much cheaper here than Amazon, also bargain hunting and some selling

8) Yahoo finance: stock market

9) Google search, gmail, maps, translate

10) Craigslist: local stuff

11) Wikipedia - background on any topic + read home page daily

HN, Lobsters, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, Pinboard (popular), Product Hunt, Indie Hackers (sometimes).


If it's strictly "everyday", then only Hacker News, Google, BBC News, and Wikipedia would fit the bill.

If it's weekly, the list would include some subreddits on Reddit (I like /r/ArtisanVideos), a local newspaper aggregator, our local Covid-19 official news, and some social media site.

I do check some other sites of projects that I like and support such as FreeBSD, Debian, PostgreSQL, Clojure, ... or very local businesses that I support (local bakery, local foodshop, ...) on a monthly basis.

When reading everyone’s reply my first thought is how small the web has gotten... but that’s not really true. Everyone has just consolidated to the primary players and best content aggregators. Lots of HN, Reddit, etc. I hope we move to more federated systems but with RSS on a slow death march and no financial incentive to federate I suppose it won’t happen. Long live HN.

Not daily, but weekly:

1. Cloudflare Radar https://radar.cloudflare.com/

2. Cloudflare Blog https://blog.cloudflare.com/

3. GitHub Trending https://github.com/trending

Maybe this is not the right place to ask, but can somebody explain why openjsf.org and mozilla.org are listed so high in cf radar's top domains? They both don't show up in the alexa top 500. Is it really just tech people using cloudflare's dns service?

My list changes somewhat frequently (depending on what's going on)

1. reddit.com/r/reddevils [For all things Manchester United]

2. substack : I try to write on a regular basis and this is also a place where I subscribe to newsletters. Some of my reading happens here.

3. nytimes : I have not been on this frequently. A break from news :)

4. hackernews : Out of habit almost.


-Reddit (For tech news from niche subreddits)

-Twitter (For the political controversy of the day)

-Hacker News (for more tech news)

-Mastodon (Instance not important / more tech news usually)

-Google News (For a overview of all news items)


-LinkedIn (For networking and industry updates)

-Salesforce (For sales and support of customers)

-Atlassian Suite (For visibility of everything in the company)


-YouTube: For Tech Hobbyist stuff.

-Archive.org: For unique entertainment.







Well technically we all do...

uMatrix says I'm not allowed. Failing that, Pihole says the same.

NewsBlur (newsblur.com). If you're a site that requires regular visitation, and you don't have an RSS feed, you don't exist to me.

(HackerNews RSS via http://hnapp.com/, FYI)

Me too! I get mine via hnrss.org.

Arts & Letters Daily (https://www.aldaily.com/)

> Arts & Letters Daily began in 1998 in the belief that the internet could be a vehicle for meaningful intellectual exchange. We’ve since linked to more than 17,000 articles, book reviews, and essays, an archive that adds up to a thinking person’s guide to the world of art and ideas. Denis Dutton, our late founder, called Arts & Letters Daily a "reading list — with attitude," which sums it up just right.

- Reddit (during working hours I use an extension that prevents me from going to it, except during the lunch hour)

- Hacker News

- Jira (except weekends)

- Edabit (leetcode practice)

- YouTube (for videos and music listening)

- LinkedIn (job boards)

This thread has a real data mining feel to it




I know and as I was writing the post I thought exactly the same thing. It is a genuine post with no alterior motives.

So we will not talk about "other" sites right? :D Only educational :)


Every. Day.

I made a site that shuffles my list of daily reads


I bookmark https://webshuffle.mickschroeder.com/redirect so I can click it to "channel surf" the web

Mindless gear sites for me, something to get my mind away from the news/home worries. Nice break during the workday too.




Sidebar (https://sidebar.io/) for design!

I visit gmail most of the time. Then,LinkedIn, HackerNews and Reddit because it's my social media.

I make sure to check this about once a week:


I sometimes get lost going down rabbitholes in here:


I love the fact that Pinboard supports RSS! I'm subscribed to a lot of the tag feeds.

Oh hey why isn't there a feed for that? I think that would be cool.

I have RSS feed sent to my email , so I don't check anything twice. Just a linear stream of emails that I have become exceedingly efficient at scanning. i currently go through 400 articles a day and it takes me about 10-20 minutes to filter them down to a dozen to read.

are you planning to make #fxp available again on #tindie?

https://www.stallman.org/archives/2020-nov-feb.html maybe the best news feed, somewhat opinionated but I share RMS' opinion mostly.

Well mostly:

1. skewed-narrow-debilitating-cringe.com

2. wars-are-good-for-my-stock-portfolio.com

3. jesus-jesus-uber-ales.com

4. raging-neurotic-troll-gangs-everywhere.com

So just twitter?

I’m shocked no one reads slashdot anymore

1. Slashdot

2. News.Google.com

3. Hacker news/GitHub issues and discussions

4. Reddit (politics, late stage capitalism, world news)/4chan/various .win sites (to understand both sides of political aisle)

5. Arstechnica/osnews.com

6. My personal kanban/logs/notifications aggregator webapps

I used to visit /. regularly too, a long while ago however it got more and more toxic/argumentative. I find more than half the reason I like these styles of tech sites is to read the (constructive) comments and /. seems to have lost its moderation teeth.

Slashdot, osnews. Your age is showing. I'll join your club.

Freshmeat was in that rotation for a very long time

> I’m shocked no one reads slashdot anymore

How do you know people don't visit the site? Have you got stats/sources?

There were 50 comments when I posted and no one had slashdot on their list. Stats. Sources.

Why foxnews, isn't it very biased ?

I got bored of bookmarking the sites and added a section in my site, so it's easy for me to check those in my mobile.


This is great! (And someone should aggregate the results of this thread by popularity...)

Mine (Not including work-related apps or Gmail)

* Hacker News (news.ycombinator.com)

* Reddit (old.reddit.com)

* NY Times (nytimes.com)

* Polygon PC games (polygon.com/pc)

* ProductHunt (producthunt.com)

* Wired (wired.com)

* Behance (behance.net)

* Dribbble (dribbble.com)

Aggregation is also a great idea! I'll come back and update the OP in a week or so

1) GMail

2) My https://www.usertrack.net dashboard

3) HackerNews

4) StackOverflow

5) https://indiehackers.com/

*HackerNews, LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit, IndianHacker, and Twitter I don't usually check my Facebook everyday. I felt like Facebook is too much for me.

You’re all a bunch of liars if you don’t include something like pornhub.com.


Is that the website you visit "everyday"? lol

Some people simply don't watch porn

1. Gmail (checking it all day) 2. LinkedIn (it's my social media at the moment) 3. Reddit 4. HackerNews (to learn tech everyday) 5. Quora

Fox News? Why...

I like to get an understanding of the different angles they take to "news". I actually detest them so I guess it's a bit of keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

It's a disappointing realisation. I used to have some pages I'd always check, with other things in an RSS aggregator. Not anymore.

It just means you no longer waste your life on stupid shit like Reddit and Imgur.

I've come to realize that most websites today do not have content worthwhile enough for daily visits. In general though paywalled content tends to be of higher quality. One well researched article offering a nuanced perspective is superior to 5 rapid-fire with little detail and ambiguous soundbites.

I do not understand people that follow news pubs on social media. It is an automated firehose of headlines shown in no particular order, and the vast majority of them are not going to be of interest to the average reader. The website itself offers a far more pleasant browsing experience.

Fox News? Astro turf or opposition research?

I never comment there, way too toxic for my liking. Definitely opposition research.

1. electoral-vote.com is first read every morning for high-quality political commentary

2. old.reddit.com

3. news.ycombinator.com

4. earth.nullschool.net for weather

5. fivethirtyeight.com

6. nytimes.com

7. Youtube, Google maps and mail, Wikipedia as utility services

(this morning I was trying to open a bottle of liquid soap and the damned thing kept just spinning without popping up, so I googled “how to open a liquid soap dispenser” and first link was a Youtube video that explained you just have to screw the outer ring down tighter before twisting it open. Amazing)

Less than daily,

8. xkcd.com and oglaf.com about once a week

9. slatestarcodex.com, paulgraham.com, maybe lesswrong.com for spelunking through archives

Sounds like someone needs an RSS reader.

1. hacker news

2. news.google.com

3. lichess.org (mostly for doing some puzzles)

4. globo.com

HN, Slashdot, news.google.com, finance.yahoo.com, earth.nullschool.net, and secret ones too.

* Astral Codex Ten

* Youtube -> Print.in -> Cut the clutter + National interest

* Reddit -> Manga & Soccer

* HN

* My stocks / investments

* Mail



NewsBlur for RSS feeds (newsblur.com)

Email - fastmail.com, hey.com, purelymail.com

R coding - https://www.r-bloggers.com

COVID related: vaccine tracker (https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations), Apple's mobility tracker (https://covid19.apple.com/mobility)


Endpts for biotech news (https://endpts.com/news/)

Nature (https://www.nature.com)

Science (https://science.sciencemag.org)






The best change I made was to never visit nytimes, etc. Far too addictive and designed to enrage.

1. https://marginalrevolution.com - Economics blog

2. https://hckrnews.com - Great HN aggregation

3. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=MPX&issuedby=M... - The forecast discussion from my local National Weather Service Office. These are great, written by an actual person providing color commentary on the weather in my area.

4. http://techmeme.com - Tech news aggregator

cant believe i missed techmeme on my list :(

Nobody else said Wikipedia or yahoo finance, so I will.





ChessTempo / LiChess

Love the Zerohedge. Before you ask, yes, libertarian.

From most to least frequent:

* news.ycombinator.com

* calendar.google.com

* mail.gmail.com

* old.reddit.com

* twitter.com [website, not app]

* google.com

* github.com

* youtube.com

* amazon.com

* craigslist.com

* locals.com

* ebay.com [and site I own related to ebay]

* netflix.com

I'm amazed that nobody here looks at porn.

I don't browse it daily though. I browse it nightly ;).

Here Reddit Deals sites (slickdeals, woot, meh)

/g/ and allsides - twice a day

Just one, several times a day:


HN, Twitter, google, stackoverflow (via google), gmail, google calendar, carscoops.com, servethehome.com.

radio garden,



ptp, kg,

leetcode (since I finally realized a lot of my unhappiness at workplace(s) have been due to not being, almost always, interview-ready)

Youtube Rumble Bitchute LBRY Twitch

In rough order of time spent:

1. Hacker news (via RSS)

2. Washington Post

3. Ars Technica (via RSS)

4. Fox News

5. Various law & technology blogs & twitter feeds (via RSS)

6. Bluesnews.com

* Hacker News

* Zerohedge

* Coinmarketcap

* StackOverflow

1. The Economist

2. Hacker News

3. Reddit (programming/hobby subreddits)

4. YouTube if I have time to spare

Probably not much else.


1. Reddit /r/programming and others

2. Twitter

3. Star Slate Codex https://slatestarcodex.com/ - I've been reading through some of Scott's great writing since the whole NYTimes things brought Scott to my attention.


1. Hacker News 2. Reddit.com 3. Statesreport.com

1. Hacker News

2. Kaiser Health News

* https://quillette.com/ for heterodox views

* https://reclaimthenet.org/ for news on free speech and cancel culture

* https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNdA_qZp4eQP5orJ1BsRBWA for wisdom from Thomas Sowell

* https://newdiscourses.com/ for educating myself on critical race theory

I have the reclaimthenet.org feed in my RSS reader.

Stackoverflow :P


* HN

* Reddit

* Youtube

* LinkedIn

* Coursera

Hacker News






Lately the list has also included Zillow, but that's a temporary state of affairs.

Hacker news lichess.com The verge

Google News for news(I do not read just one single newspaper);

Youtube(every evening);

Stackoverflow(for work related stuff);

Paul Skallas’ blog(https://paulskallas.substack.com/);



I do not use any RSS reader(I never liked them), instead I subscribe to mailing lists to receive updates via emails.

1. HN 2. The Guardian 3. Youtube


1. Discord

1. GitHub

1. Sublime Text Forums

1. Hacker News

Feedbin, youtube, gmail.

1. TMZ.com 2. Reddit.com


My local Craigslist.


1. Swedish Radio (sr.se)

2. The Financial Times (ft.com)

3. HN

4. Wikipedia

5. DuckDuckGo

6. NPR (npr.org)

7. DW (dw.de)





My top ones are,

1) HackerNews

2) GitHub

3) Browsing my own email box since I’m subscribed to alot of mailing lists

4) Lobste.rs

5) Reddit

Over the last few years I've made a habit of trying to understand others as much as possible. Historically I only read left-leaning sources but after exposing myself to more, it became clear that I was blind to the other side's perspective. I've found that there was typically validity to multiple views on most topics, and that selection bias (what news sources choose to cover) was a big problem. So these days I visit a number of sources, which is easier today because there are sites that try to represent views from different parts of the spectrum. Staying informed does take time (at least an hour a day), money (supporting news via subscriptions), and effort (takes away mental energy from other things).

Apart from the list below I also read and subscribe to a few different local news sources. Over the last several years, local news has been dying (financial issues) and I think that's a bad thing because it means you miss things happening around you that affect your life more so than national news, and because you only get a homogeneous national perspective (often reduced to a left versus right axis) instead of the more diverse issue-to-issue variation that is possible locally. I recommend identifying a few local sources near you if you have the time to read!


1. Hacker News (I check the first couple pages several times a day)

2. Matt Taibbi (https://taibbi.substack.com - investigative reporting by a former Rolling Stone journalist)

3. Glenn Greenwald (https://greenwald.substack.com - cofounder of The Intercept, known for breaking Snowden's revelations)

4. Quillette (https://quillette.com/ - a news journal for intellectual conversations on controversial topics)

5. Stratechery (https://stratechery.com/ - analysis of news and economics of the tech industry)

6. ArsTechnica (https://arstechnica.com/ - tech news, although I've seen increasing left-bias where their stories intersect with politics)


1. New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/ - just their notifications typically)

2. Washington Post (washingtonpost.com/ - just their notifications typically, but it seems like a mirror of NYT for the most part)

3. ProPublica (https://www.propublica.org/ - non-profit investigative journalism)

4. The Economist (https://www.economist.com/ - good for economic news and international current affairs)

5. Vox (https://www.vox.com/ - news with a progressive bias)

6. Jacobin (https://www.jacobinmag.com/ - news with a far-left/socialist bias)


1. The Hill (https://thehill.com/ - in my opinion, perhaps the most balanced news source out there today)

2. Axios (https://www.axios.com/ - useful if you're short on time because of how they summarize articles)

3. Wall Street Journal (their push notifications and The 10-Point, which is an email newsletter summarizing the Top 10 stories of the day, a members only benefit)

4. The New Paper (thenewpaper.co - free email newsletter summarizing the top stories of the day)

5. All Sides (https://www.allsides.com - a multi-source news aggregator, with bias ratings)

6. Ground News (https://ground.news/ - a multi-source news aggregator, with bias ratings)


1. Fox - (https://www.foxnews.com/ - right leaning news)

2. New York Post (https://nypost.com/ - right-leaning news, stick to the News and Opinion and not the tabloid categories)

3. Reason (https://reason.com/ - I hesitate to label them right-leaning. They're pretty balanced and centrist, and libertarian more than right-biased)

4. The Post Millennial (https://thepostmillennial.com/ - a newer news site that is willing to challenge the coverage of left-biased mainstream sources)

5. The Federalist (https://thefederalist.com/ - right-biased news and opinion site)

6. The National Review (https://www.nationalreview.com/ - right-biased news and opinion site)

And then there's the usual social media stuff:

1. Reddit - just my main feed, carefully curated to unsubscribe from all the major subreddits, which are toxic and constantly brigaded

2. Instagram - I preferred Instagram when it wasn't overrun with politics and now I see almost exclusively political things due to who I follow. Even though you can't link to things easily, it somehow seems easier than Facebook's slow interface

3. Facebook - it's a wasteland but I mostly use it to follow news shared by particular groups and nothing else

4. LinkedIn - it's become increasingly like Facebook, with people mostly sharing political/activist things, so this may fall off my list soon

5. NextDoor - I try to avoid it because it is a political war zone but it's probably the best way to get hyperlocal neighborhood news

I don't use Twitter anymore at all unless someone or something links me to a specific Twitter thread. I've found that Twitter is by far the most toxic and damaging social media service. I've been much happier, less anxious, and better informed since dropping it and shifting to "slower" news sources.





Bounce between links among the above pages


an orange website

* HN

* lobste.rs

* /r/rust

* tagesspiegel.de

* coinmarketcap.com/portfolio

* linkedin.com

* youtube.com

* realvision.com

welcome but not a welcome Ask HN post really....

here's another of many similar link thread posts


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