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Ask HN: Hover over links in email newsletters and see where it redirects to (reddit.com)
1 point by bengtan 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Author here.

I asked this on reddit and wanted to ask here too, but didn't want to post text and attract the 'self post' penalty. So I posted a link instead.

But here's the text (from reddit) anyway:



I subscribe to email newsletters which contain hyperlinks. I'd like to be able to hover over a hyperlink and see what the URL is before deciding whether to click on it.

However, the hyperlinks are something like this:


and I can't easily work out where the hyperlink links to.

(FWIW, this link redirects to: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cyber-florida-idUSKBN... )

Is there some way which lets me find out the destination URL without me having to click on it first?

I don't like clicking on links in emails without seeing where it leads to. For example, if I can see that it's a dubious looking domain, then I would be more careful in case it's a phishing site.

FWIW, I use Gmail so a Gmail specific solution (browser extension?) could work for me. Seeing the link by hovering over it seems natural to me, but I'd consider alternatives too.

Thanks all for reading!

curl and grep can do this from the command line. Just paste your link between the quotes like so:

curl --head --location --silent "yourlinkhere" | grep ^Location;


True. I was doing something similar with wget.

However, I'm wondering whether there's any automated way to do this.

I don't really want to be doing 10-20 keypresses manually for each link.

Hmm... I've found a couple of add-ons for Firefox but the latter appears broken.



I also found one for Chrome:


I haven't tried them, so YMMV. Edit: the Chrome one appears broken as well. Sigh.

Also, perhaps you could make a command line alias or function for your wget command to drastically reduce the number of keystrokes required.

That's alright. I wasn't actually expecting that there'd be a ready-made solution since it's quite an obscure use case.

Thanks anyway.

Another work-around: right-click URL, copy, and paste at https://www.getlinkinfo.com/ to get a report about the link including a list of redirects and the site's Google Safe Browsing status.

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