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Ask HN: With years of experience, I don't match any job profile in any tech
2 points by Nailgun 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
It has been this way for years.

- Proven experience as a Web Developer, with high levels of competence across PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress and Python with responsive design and GIT version control

- A huge amount of self-determination and drive, with a passion for delivering work to a high standard and developing yourself further

- Node.js React, Next, Vue.JS, Mongo, Angular, Bootstrap and/or WPML.

- High levels of competence in designing and consuming RESTful / SOAP APIs

- Modern JavaScript and PHP frameworks, Laravel, e-commerce platforms and WooCommerce, along with design patterns, such as MVC

- The ability to increase Lighthouse performance scores

- Package and dependency management e.g. Composer, NPM AWS

– EC2, RDS, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, Security Groups, VPC, Load

- Balancing and Scaling

- Browser and usability testing.

I was an ActionScript 3 Developer, I moved to TypeScript since Beta. I have architected successful SPA's, I know Angular inside out and RXJS across the board with animation thrown in and understand cross browser development.

I can do a few of these things but this is crazy. Especially in the city I live and the money they are paying.

Is everyone just a bullshitter? Coz I have problems with being that way and maybe that is my problem?

I am very good at my job, but do I need to take some kind of course on how to be fake? If I do, how do I retain some kind of shield from embarrassment? How do I shield my actual face? To put my name on something?

You know what’s missing? Anything about business value and problem solving. Everyone has a laundry list of buzzwords and skills. Tell how you saved money, or increased revenue, or made something an order of magnitude more efficient. Or how you led or worked in a successful team.

A pro athlete resume would list their wins and teamwork and show an ongoing record of performance. It would not list the brands of shoes they wore.

The actual profile for almost every job is “Can add business value, solve problems, work with people, achieve goals.” Match that profile.

This! I did a rewrite of my resume with this theme 3 years back and it made a huge difference. So stress on the business value added, your role in the team, if you solved a particularly tricky problem etc. These also make good interview points.

What jobs are you applying for that you don't match the profile?

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