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One of the reasons could be its founder/CTO, Ilya Grigorik. Check out http://www.igvita.com/. He is brilliant.

Ilya is amazing. I wonder if this means that some Ruby will be creeping into the Google ecosystem.

Congrats to Ilya. His personal blog has some of the most inpiring articles in Ruby/AI and technichal stuff in general: http://www.igvita.com

Thanks guys! Rest assured, I have no plans on retiring from keeping the blog going -- it's what got me here in the first place!

Congrats to the PostRank team - but I selfishly hope that Google's famous secrecy won't stop Ilya from blogging and releasing awesome open-source code!

Absolutely. As a beginning Rubyist, I've learned a lot from Ilya's posts. Congrats to Ilya and the whole PostRank team!

Thanks, adding to my rss stream

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