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In French you have a few interesting options, notably:

- LeBonCoin.fr (“the good corner”, a Craigslist type site that’s used for everything from second-hand selling to job hunting to meet up organising),

- LesNumeriques.fr is a decent tech review media with in-depth tests and a VERY critical community providing good balance

- Gazelle which has now become backmarket.fr (also exists across other countries like Spain and the U.K.) and offers vetted second-hand tech gear - great for bargains and avoiding buying new for ecological reasons,

- LeMonde.fr/Les-Décodeurs is the fact checking arm of the French paper Le Monde and has some really interesting visualisations and articles

- Presse-Citron.fr was one of the first tech blogs in France and continues to be a reference

- priice.fr is a price comparison site I’ve heard good things about but haven’t used myself yet

- danstonchat.com is the French version of Bash.org for IRC fun

- Legorafi.fr is a satirical paper with lots of hilarious fake news - often quite timely - akin to The Onion (it’s a play on words on the famous French paper Le Figaro)

- Gandi.net is a registrar and hosting site which I’ve been using forever - they’re awesome

It's very niche but Philharmonie de Paris has some brilliant visualized analysis of some classical music scores.

For example:




Sadly they don't present the full scores, only the beginning or some part. I wonder if there are other sites where you can find something similar.

Somewhat related is http://www.critique-musicale.com/ - another great site.

I didn’t know about these viz, they are awesome! Thanks for sharing critique-musicale too, immediately added to my Feedly. :-)

LeBonCoin is actually a fork of the Swedish original site Blocket.se, visit it and you will see similarities. Both are today owned by the Norwegian umbrella organisation Schibsted afaik.

I did not know that, thanks for pointing it out. The similarities are flagrant - do they operate such listing sites in other countries too?

Yes, http://segundamano.es/ was the spanish version but it looks like the merged it with another site. https://www.finn.no/ is the norwegian version but it was developed seperately. https://www.tori.fi/ is the finnish one. Such listing sites are big business and they make a lot of money of them.

They have done similar stuff with Prisjakt.nu and made a french version: https://ledenicheur.fr/

I think there are even more still but I am not certain.

canardpc.com is probably the best video game magazine and review around.

I would not advise presse-citron they have been pretty obvious about being more or less just a sold out editorial at this point.

Presse-Citron is definitely more aligned with the tech establishment, but it remains useful for general tech news - and the comments are still rather sharp.

CanardPC is a GREAT addition, excellent build! About so much more than games too.

I would add Linuxfr.org and specifically the user journals : https://linuxfr.org/journaux : it is the website of the french libre software community.

Lots of interesting content you don't find anywhere else.

A hispanic/south american forum, hybrid between Image Board and BBS, most good content goes to textboard section.

Not so much new posts, mostly talks about tech and whatever goes.

https://bienvenidoainternet.org /int/ section https://bienvenidoainternet.org/world/

I like Gandi too (I'm American, not French), very pleasant compared to other registrars I've used.

LeBonCoin became annoying since they put contact details behind a login wall. What made it successful back in the day is the simplicity - just post an ad and have interested people call you. Search for something and you can directly call sellers.

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