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Show HN: A ~2kb metaprogramming function that maps data structures to the DOM (github.com/gr0uch)
3 points by daliwali 82 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Is there a bug in the trivial example? I can't seem to follow how it's referencing one template and another in the function. But I am not a JS dev so perhaps I am just missing something.

This looks neat tho.

the root template references the other one with data-template=“#countbox”. this allows for composition and re-use of templates.

looks cool i've been using svelte a lot and find it to be great, although I do not like all the upfront code you have to load for a hello world app.

If this gets more features I can see it being a contender.

It is pretty much feature complete already, there are only so many fundamental operations and DOM attributes. besides, I would like to keep it around 2kb ;)

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