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Hmm, so you aren't smart enough to attack JCR's ideas, so you go after his character? Are you stupid or what?

Can we even believe anything that cookiecaper says? I mean, what's HIS credentials?

(see what I did there? Ad hominem attacks are just that: logical fallacies. Please don't do them.)

It wasn't an ad hominem attack and I have nothing against jcr. I don't even disagree. I just felt it was important to advise people to check their sources since the parent comment seemed to be putting a lot of trust in a comment that could easily contain misinformation.

No offense intended. :)

> No offense intended. :)

None Taken. :)

But to answer your question:

- I have no credentials, and don't want any.

- I am not an expert, and don't want to be one.

- For every bit of the subject matter that I've learned, I can name at least a half dozen people who know that bit better than I do.

I would suggest not wasting your time trying to authenticate me, the source, but instead, put your effort into finding outside authentication of the statements. The source in this case really doesn't matter, but outside confirmation really does matter.

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