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Thanks for your insight. The spelling errors in the blog posts aren't the hallmark of professionalism either, but what about the information in comment header?

    |*| Skype 4142 Decompression v1.002 by Sean O'Neil.
    |*| Copyright (c) 2004-2009 by VEST Corporation.
    |*| All rights reserved. Strictly Confidential!
    |*| Date: 29.10.2009
is this just a special brand of stupid?

edit: some info about this corporation and Sean O'Neil: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VEST

the official web page points to beach resort?!?

edit2: same guy: http://cryptolib.com/ciphers/skype/

Don't pick on the spelling. Have you considered users who don't have English as their first language? I hear there a few is all ;)

yeah, the author of the blog post said the stuff he has came from VEST. so it's basically a POC based on the code released 2 years ago. if you google it there's a blog post by some other random guy who made a python plugin and some POC code from that stuff too

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