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As it stands, I'm not sure this service is useful. I wanted to check out the space available in Boston, but according to their FAQ:

For now, the only way to receive time credit in order to book desks in the Kodesk network is by sharing your own unoccupied office space. If you don't have any office space, or are not in a position to share any desk, you won't be able to use Kodesk for now. That is because, in the first phase of the Kodesk revolution, we want to encourage companies to share their unused desks and feel all the power of having their employees working from anywhere, and even more important, the power of welcoming new ideas, talents and opportunities into their walls.

If you need to offer space in order to use space, I don't understand who will use the site or power the "Kodesk revolution." If I were an employer with an office, I wouldn't care about "all the power of having their employees working from anywhere."

I think they're missing the point of AirBnB: you need to connect people who _need_ space with those who _have_ space. By limiting themselves to only one half of that equation, I don't know how they will expand.

"It’s very simple: for every hour of desk space shared by a company, they get one hour of time credit for any of their employees to use in any other Kodesk space."

Basically, you'd need to have office/desk space first, and the employers and other employees have to be comfortable with the idea of new people popping into their office space.

If I had a company, I'd just pay money for my employee to get desk space somewhere or work at the hotel or at the clients. It seems like a distraction to work at another company's office.

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