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CyberArk (Conjur team) | Backend / DevOps / Security | NEWTON, MA | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

The CyberArk Conjur team helps people write super reliable software that's hard to hack. We're building tools that make the best security practices convenient for developers, ops, and security teams. We're hiring engineers to help with that effort.


We're a busy team, thanks to the increasing success of our product: Conjur secures the entire software development and deployment lifecycle for companies who want to ship features as fast as possible without increasing their risk of security breaches.

Conjur engineers work on a wide variety of projects, from integrations with some of today's most popular DevOps tools to moonshot projects that seek to revolutionize the way engineering teams factor in security when deploying applications.

We know that if you're a professional engineer, experience with specific tools or languages can usually be picked up quickly. That being said, Conjur engineers use and integrate with the following tools on a more-or-less daily basis:

* Golang, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, and JS

* Docker, Git, and Jenkins

* Kubernetes, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry

* Ansible, Puppet, Chef


https://conjur.org (our secret service, AGPLv3)

https://www.conjur.org/careers/ (about our team, and our DevOps puzzle!)

https://www.conjur.org/blog/ (our blog, which talks more about who we are and what we do)

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