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VMG 1056 days ago | link | parent

How easy is it for skype to change the protocol?

eleusive 1056 days ago | link

Not very easy if they want to maintain compatibility with existing clients (especially considering they haven't updated their linux client for years now).


neworbit 1056 days ago | link

Backwards compatibility with linux clients probably isn't the top priority of Skype now that they're being rolled into MS, but I suspect embedded deployments on handheld devices might still keep them from deprecating.


evanwolf 1055 days ago | link

Actually Skype runs large clouds of linux clients (or a version of the Linux client) as part of gateways hosted with some mobile operators. They care a great deal about keeping linux compatibility.


ysangkok 1055 days ago | link

The latest Linux version is from April this year.


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