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Show HN: Shrink my video – Opinionated ways to reduce video file size (acailly.github.io)
22 points by acailly 11 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

The main goal with this tool is to contribute to limiting environmental footprint of IT (more details here: https://acailly.github.io/shrink-my-video/#why)

First, by allowing non-tech savvy users to reduce the size of their video using recommended preset by The Shift Project (https://theshiftproject.org/en/article/unsustainable-use-onl...) without having to install and configure any software (it uses FFMPEG.WASM directly in the browser)

Second, by offering more radical ways to reduce the video file size. The more extreme setting is to limit FPS to 1 image every 5 seconds, which is surprisingly well suited for conference videos.

For example, I reduced one of my video from 85 Mo to 15 Mo with these techniques (content is in French):

- original video: https://acailly.github.io/confs/developper-avec-utilisateur/...

- reduced video: https://acailly.github.io/confs/developper-avec-utilisateur/...

If you think of another original/radical technique to try, let me know :-)

22 is quite a low setting for crf, I believe the default is 23. I normally go for 26 without problems, the ffmpeg authors consider 28 to be the top of the sane range, though results do depend on the video.

Right, lowering the crf to 26 or 28 could be added, thanks :-)

There it is, setting CRF to 28 is available

The best part of this app is you are not only giving it a feature to perform an operation but also educating users with a library that they can use. Great job.

Looks nice! Maybe you could add some words to you site to emphasize that the video isn't actually uploaded to a remote server.

Good idea, it is not obvious, thanks :-)

Wow, I had no idea that ffmpeg.wasm exists!

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