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Today it's called Business Manager and it remains a user hostile pile of JavaScript with dubious design and riddled with bugs.

The only reason anybody puts up with it is because there's no other way to access powerful targeting tools, and we are forced to depend on Facebook.

More to the point of the original story, no, Google couldn't have killed Facebook by flipping that switch. The Power Editor users would have done whatever it takes to access the interface, installed an insecure older browser, ran commands in the console, build a relay computer in their back yard, and so on. They will do whatever it takes because they are not choosing that platform for its features, they are professionals doing a job, and that job is reaching the user base of Facebook with their ads. If they can't do that they will lose their jobs and clients.

I find business manager has a more sensible design than AdWords, having used both a lot. TikTok is funny because they basically copied the FB ads dashboard pixel by pixel.

I agree but only the actual /adsmanager/manage section and the subsequent tools (events/audiences). Basically power editor 2.0.

But it seems less powerful than the old one for some reason might just be in my head though. It has a pretty low ad limit per ad group I think 100. Though some of the 'combo' ads where you can put 5 headlines, 5 copy etc help up that number.

BUT I do not like the business manager which houses all the pages, users, audience assets. I find the 'line of business' really confusing and hard to see how they want it organized. Like what's the model supposed to be? Agency line of business -> client subs. But then you need a specific line of business for certain offline attribution etc so having it agency parent doesn't make sense to me?!

I think it feels less powerful because it is a buggy mess and takes forever to use. I loath setting up Facebook ads now because I know it is going to take me forever to do it properly.

I pine for the days of PowerEditor. It had a confusing interface, but like Google Ads, once you had learned it you could get what you wanted to get done quickly.

I don’t mind the interface of Business Manager or the Ads Manager platform at all, but I find the ads platform to be riddled with weird bugs. It has perhaps improved slightly in the past year or so, but only slightly. They also constantly change how it works, so you can’t just copy the campaign or ad set of an ad and build out new ads from a year ago, it will almost always have to be built out from scratch because something changed, but they don’t tell you that before you copy the campaign. Why even let me copy it if it isn’t going to work?

Oh totally agree with this

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