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PyCon US is funded by, and run by the Python Software Foundation, is over 10 years old, and runs for almost two weeks if you count sprints. pyCodeConf is a different animal entirely.

I say this as the chair of PyCon US for the next two years, I also think that pyCodeConf may be for-profit, but I'm unsure.

For more details on PyCon management/etc, you can see: http://jessenoller.com/2011/05/25/pycon-everybody-pays/ which I did recently.

I don't mean to derail this thread too much, but it makes me sad to see PyCon move to the west coast. Basically all of the conferences are already there and PycCon was one of the best conferences on the east coast.

Though, to be fair, all of the conferences are their for good reason.

I remember feeling that way when I submitted a successful bid to bring PyCon to Atlanta, GA, having lived in Atlanta and run the Atlanta Python User Group. I believe our main competitor was the Bay Area and we "won". It turns out Atlanta was pretty cool, it had a walkable city, etc.

Now that I live in the Bay Area, I have to admit, I like that it is now in my backyard again :)

Yeah, once I'm done school I in all likeliness will move to the Bay area. Just too much is happening there (well, here. I'm here for the summer) to miss it.

PyCon moves all over: It was in chicago, then atlanta, now santa clara and after that? Montreal Canada. We don't favor coasts, just bids.

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