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Monash School of Public Health | Python Developer for Infectious Disease Modelling | Melbourne, Australia | ONSITE (WFH flexibility)

You would work with a small team of epidemiologists on modelling COVID-19 and tuberculosis in Australia and Asia-Pacific. The team tries to answer questions like:

- what would be the effect of re-opening schools in the Philippines have on the future incidence of COVID-19?

- how many COVID-19 cases do we expect to see in Victorian ICU departments in the next two weeks?

The closest analogue to this position in industry would be "machine learning engineer" since it involves:

- converting mathematical models into robust Python code

- running these models on cloud computing

- handling the plumbing (data processing, cloud storage, CI/CD jobs)

Your teammates, disease modellers and epidemiologists, are analogous to "data scientists": in that they are domain experts who can code and provide the theoretical basis for our models. They require assistance and advice on the best way to approach software development practices such as code structure and testing.

The current codebase is publicly accessible on GitHub (github.com/monash-emu/AuTuMN) and includes:

- a generic framework for building infectious disease models

- specific disease modelling applications (e.g. forecasting the COVID-19 epidemic in the Philippines)

- auxiliary code for visualisation, data processing, cloud computing, unit tests

Pay is 95k to 110k plus 9.5% super

Position description at https://bit.ly/3d3YcmZ (skip to "Position Summary" section)

Official job ad at https://bit.ly/3cYjuSI

Email James Trauer at james.trauer@monash.edu if you're interested.

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