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I would like to see a map showing the distribution of professional Python programmers across the US. Either a) the conference is supposed to double as a vacation to Florida, or b) there are more southern and east coast Python coders than I know about and this location is actually convenient for most of them.

It makes me sad that I would have to go to Florida just to attend this thing.

As a guess, it's probably the same reasons medical conferences are in places like Hawaii.

Yes, Miami, is not a techhub by far isn't.

Then every conference should be in your backyard right? (I take you live in the bay area). I find your opinion very selfish. You guys have conferences all the time, we (I live in Miami), never. Having this conference in my backyard is cool because I'd get to meet more programmers (I'm being selfish too).

Sure, maybe we are both being selfish. But even if we take our selves out of it, I think it is better for the conference overall if more professional programmers can attend -- which is an argument to make it easier for the most programmers to go.

Well, there are other options on the East Coast. RTP, for example has a fairly large tech scene, but doesn't host many large tech conferences. And it's within driving distance of Miami.

As someone who lived 2 miles from the Cisco and NetApp campuses in RTP for over 10 years and now lives in SW Florida, Miami is not "driving distance." I live on the quiet side of Florida and will definitely be interested in this conference. Maybe I'm not the usual techy conference type but I have no desire to travel to California(for any reason) or to a typical conference location such as Las Vegas. I spend about 3-5 months traveling abroad every year and the West Coast of the US just doesn't do it for me. I appreciate the conference organizers for choosing a different area.

Well, as someone who goes to NCSU, I plan on driving it at least :-)

Miami is only close for people living in Florida is more my issue. NC is pretty close to centered along the east coast, has a fairly large tech hub and doesn't get many conferences. Then again, I am slightly biased in the respect that I'd like it closer as well.

thats a LONG drive. 11 hours or more. flying from RDU is like $200

the vast majority of conferences we get here in Miami are for at least some part due to the weather being nice here vs snowy elsewhere. October isn't super cold in most places yet, but its very pleasant here in Miami. That being said, many medical or other high-end (cost wise/market wise) conferences go to vacation spots so their employees can double up and work then play.

Coming to florida isn't a punishment for most people.

see above.

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