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RankScience (YC W17) Is Hiring a Product Manager
61 days ago | hide
We’re hiring a Product Manager at RankScience.

This person will be in charge of building software to help our customers grow SEO traffic using our NLP content optimization suite, and in doing so you’ll be working with and talking to dozens of YC companies.

Some experience and understanding of popular SEO software tools would be helpful but not required.

* 100% Remote (overseas-friendly, too) * Full-time employee or consultant. * Relentlessly resourceful. * Ability to demonstrate successful products that you’ve built that people use. * Interest in working with evolving language models like GPT-3 * Strong communication skills and empathy for users and stakeholders.

Engineering experience preferred but not required.

If you're interested (or know someone who might be a good fit) please send us a note at jobs@rankscience.com and include a link to your linkedin profile or portfolio, and a few sentences about why you might be interested.


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