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Ask HN: Who is Hiring? (June 2011)
326 points by whoishiring on June 1, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 329 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords INTERN, REMOTE, or H1B if the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. Feel free to post any job that may interest HN readers from executive assistant to machine learning expert to CTO.

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancers? (June 2011) http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2607058

Pune, India - we are looking for guys/girls who are smart and get things done. (Please forgive the double post, didn't expect to see two separate who's hiring threads.)

2 weeks ago I quit my job in NY to work on my new startup, Styloot (name still a work in progress). Our goal is to build a search engine for fashion. We have a nice office in Model Colony. Currently we are 10 people (CEO, CTO, adviser, web designer, 6 content creators), with lots of work to be done and not enough of us to go around.

We have room for all sorts of people - our main focus right now is on design/user experience, web development and machine learning.

We care a lot about attitude - if you want to build your own startup someday, we probably want to talk to you. We care far less about grades, whether you went to IIT, or whether you've used django before.

Why you should work for us: you'll work very hard on difficult problems, you'll be a vastly better developer/designer when you are finished, and you might even become very rich.

Contact info is in my profile.

Congrats on the new gig, and hope the (dramatic) move went well for you. You're a smart guy and I'm mildly jealous of anyone who gets to work with you. Good luck!

Thanks Tom. Though I should say, both to reply to your "a smart guy" crack and to further advertise the position, I'm actually the dumb guy in this group.

Your office is in Model Colony, Pune!?!?!

I'm not looking for a job, but I will get in touch when I'm next in my hometown (5-16 December). Would love to meet you!

Apparently there's a bot now that posts the thread FYI.

Anywhere (San Francisco preferred, REMOTE, or H1B considered)

Hi, I'm Amit, the Founder of Photojojo! (http://photojojo.com/). We're on a mission to make photography fun for everyone, and we're looking for two web developers to work on the most FUN online shop ever.

About us:

* Office in Mission district in San Francisco, half of us work remotely

* Profitable and growing quickly. But like being small!

* Our work gets talked about at places like 37 Signals, FOWA, and Hacker News -> http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=764802

* We take the company on a yearly workcation. This year, 3 weeks in India: http://www.flickr.com/photos/photojojolovesyou/sets/72157625...

Looking for:

* One senior web developer to lead our team, and one junior web developer

* Experience in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL (rather than being front/backend specialists)

* People who love photography and are excited!

* People who love to work, and who others love to work with

* People who thrive on responsibility and want a say in our direction

More info/apply (these listings just went up):

Senior developer: http://photojojo.com/jobs/webdeveloper-senior.html

Junior developer: http://photojojo.com/jobs/webdeveloper-junior.html

My really good friend just sent you an email about this yesterday I believe. Just wanted to let you know (he found out about it through me, and I found out about it on here)

Really REMOTE. You don't even have to be in the USA.

deviantART (http://www.deviantart.com) wants developers. We're fully remote; there's no central office with a devteam located there. We expect all hires to be comfortable working in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL; we like our developers to be able to hack on any part of the site, rather than being frontend/backend specialists.

One exception to all that: there's an Infrastructure Engineer position which is located in Vancouver. It's C++/Java focused, and involves developing backend services used by the rest of the site.

We post information about our development process here sometimes: http://dt.deviantart.com/blog/

Apply here: http://deviantart.theresumator.com/apply

P.S. I know we post a notice like this every month, but it's because we're doing ongoing hiring.


Oh boy. I suggest you google a little bit before making accusations such as this one. DeviantART is a well known site, they definitely don't need to spam comment threads to get attention. And no, I'm not in any way affiliated with deviantART, apart from being an occasional visitor.

Oh yes, the HN hiring threads are really a great spamming location. We have to do this to promote our totally unknown site. :P

(You might be being sarcastic, but I don't quite get that vibe from the "please stop it".)

San Francisco, CA

SeatMe is hiring! - http://www.seatme.com/jobs/

SeatMe is a 6 person funded, pre-launch startup based in downtown San Francisco. We're revolutionizing the restaurant industry and we need your help!

  * Objective-C engineers for iPad and iPhone development
  * Django web developer
  * Server engineers (especially data sync experts)
  * Designers (web & mobile)
How often do you get a chance to work at a tech startup where eating out can be written off as a tax-refundable business expense? Well not here, because our CEO would go to jail (and he's never going back to the big house), but we do work in an awesome intersection of technology and fine dining.

We offer a VERY competitive salary, benefits and equity options for all full-time employees. H1B ok for senior positions.

Apply online - http://www.seatme.com/jobs/

Questions - jordan@seatme.com

Can't forget relocation compensation and discounts on all the products. You also get a shiny new MacBook Pro and iPad 2 when you join. Also SeatMe is straight up awesome.

Eugene, Oregon - fulltime - H1B applicants welcome

On Time Systems is a small company that specializes in solving large-scale search and optimization problems. We used to be a research lab at the University of Oregon, but we are now more focused on writing software than writing grant proposals. We're currently looking for software engineers to work on Green Driver (a smartphone app that uses real-time data from traffic signals to help drivers find the fastest route (http://imagreendriver.com)) and ACFP (Advanced Computer Flight Planning), the flight planning system used by the US Air Force for routing cargo planes and tankers worldwide.

Although our core IP is in optimization, bringing these solutions to market requires complex client-server applications with challenging network, user interface, and database components. We have code written in Python, Java, C, C++, Objective-C, and other languages. An ideal candidate will have a strong background in algorithms and will be comfortable writing both high-level and low-level code.

Benefits include: medical and disability insurance, 401Ks with matching, sabbaticals, massages, a game room (ping pong, billiards, DDR, etc.), relocation package, pick your own hardware, your own office with a window, tuition reimbursement (including flight school if you work on our flight planning software), exercise equipment and locker room, and his and hers company bikes.

The work environment is friendly, informal, and intellectual.

Contact: jobs+hackernews@otsys.com

Any chance to move this up before 9:00AM EST (possibly doing it at 12:00AM UTC?)? A dupe got a number of postings + votes this morning.

Also, what about a second thread, say on the 15th, for "Who's Looking For Work" ?

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Silk is looking for software engineers. Silk is trying to do some really disruptive stuff with structured content and we have a long term vision to really bring the semantic web to masses and build an amazing company around that.

We're working on very interesting and challenging problems, with a custom-built Haskell graph-database on the back-end and with a cutting-edge Functional Reactive client-side framework in Javascript on the front-end.

The company is in early-stages, so you'll be able to make a large impact. We have just closed a seed funding round with Atomico (the VC fund of the Skype founders) and some prominent Dutch angels and recently won The Next Web's Startup Rally.

E-mail: jobs (at) silkapp.com.

Yammer is hiring in San Francisco. We're one block away from the Caltrain station.

What do we do? Yammer helps turn the mayhem of the corporate world into return-on-investment butterflies and leveraged-employee-engagement unicorns. Really, we make a product that enables companies to have a private social network. It helps people do their jobs, and our users legitimately love our product.

We are a medium sized start-up that is battling several big enterprise software companies in this space. So yes, our target customers are in the enterprise space but we are turning this space upside down with our viral approach and how we build solutions for the user (which doesn’t include an army of salesmen). We are solving consumer type problems but also monetize like enterprise software. (i.e. real revenues with fewer users)

What's in it for you?

- Amazing group of smart engineers to work with. (Sounds cliche, but we really do have smart people here :D)

- Ability to have influence without authority. Yammer is a product-focused and user-focused organization. Everything we do revolves around that. - We hack in Ruby/Rails, Scala/Java, JS/JQuery/Node.js/Adobe AIR, Obj-C for iOS, and some MSFT stuff for Sharepoint I don't know too much about. You'll probably find something you want to work on.

- Good catered lunch and dinner daily, with a 3PM snack cart. (Really.)

- Fancy Apple hardware of your choice (you can have a PC if you really want one.)

- Our engineers can outdrink anyone.

- Top of the market compensation.

Check out this blog post written by another one of our engineers: http://eng.yammer.com/blog/2011/5/31/shameless-recruiting.ht...

All our open positions (engineering and otherwise) are here: https://www.yammer.com/about/jobs.

If you send me your resume, I'll make sure the correct person sees it. bkudria@yammer-inc.com

(Note: we also offer generous referral fees. Sell your friends today!)

Our engineers can outdrink anyone.

That sounds like a challenge. :D You think you can outdrink Grooveshark?

Definitely. When we win, we get to steal one of your engineers. Our choice.

As the author of said blog post, I'd like to reiterate Yammer's awesomeness.

Atlanta, GA ----(Intern, H1B, whatever. You'll have to convince us to work remotely though.)

RideCell is hiring for the following positions:

* Ops engineer (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python + EC2, RDS) * QA & Tools engineer * Mobile engineer (Android, iOS) * Enterprise Sales rep.

We are revolutionizing the way transportation and service fleets are managed and used and making this both easier and cheaper. This involves Django in the cloud (and python, obviously), mobile apps, and solving some very interesting problems. Your work will directly improve the lives of tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. What we currently do is just the first step in our world domination plan ;)

We are lean, cash flow positive and growing fast. We don't care whether you went to an ivy league school, but do care whether you are passionate about what you do and willing to learn what you don't know.

We don't do traditional (dumb) interviews. We'll chat first but I promise not to ever ask you a syntax question. It'll be more like a discussion between geeks. If it looks like we gel, we'd like to pay you to come work with us on the actual product for some time (hours, days - whatever you can). Did I mention we'll pay you, even if you work with us for just 2 hours? Because we believe, foremost, in doing the right thing.

Email aj@ridecell.com with your resume, questions or a note.

Pinterest (Palo Alto, CA) is hiring both engineers and product designers. (http://pinterest.com/about/jobs)

We are a 6-person team from Google and Facebook building a visual platform for discovering things you love. We are well funded. Even in private beta, we are growing extremely quickly.


London (UK) and Boston (US). H1B.

We're a 90-person financial-software firm committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software and agile development. Some of you may know us from our sponsorship of Hacker News meetups in London. We're hiring developers and other smart folks of many kinds. See https://dev.youdevise.com and http://www.youdevise.com/careers.

While we don't have remote workers, we do help successful candidates relocate to London or Boston including arranging visas where needed. For example, last year we hired HN readers from Denmark and the US, and we moved a Polish employee to Boston.

Mountain View, CA - Software Engineers, UI/UX Front End

Room 77 - http://www.room77.com - is building the world's best hotel search experience and the first hotel room database and recommendation engine. We're about 20 strong and moving into new space in downtown Mountain View (off Castro St.) in July.

Software Engineers (H1B welcome)

* BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or a related field

* Design algorithms to enable the world's fastest and most feature-rich travel search engine (primarily with C++, Javascript, PHP and Python)

* Passionate about travel

* Work with rockstar engineering team with background from Google, Facebook, MIT and Stanford

* We've got some puzzles here: http://www.room77.com/jobs.html

UI/UX Front End

* Strong sense of design with a focus on usability

* Front-end coding skills (Javascript, HTML, jQuery) with strong focus on optimizing for speed

* Work closely with both product and engineering team to balance tradeoffs in features and UI needs

* Wide latitude to help design different ways to shop and discover hotel information in ways that haven't been done before

The details:

* Competitive salary

* Stock options

* 3 weeks of annual vacation

* 401K matching

* Healthcare stipend

* Meal allowance

* Casual but professional working environment with seasoned leaders on both the engineering and business teams

E-mail your CV/Resume to jobs+engw@room77.com

Disqus in San San Francisco is looking to fill a few key roles.

Check out http://disqus.com/jobs for open positions, including software engineers, ux designers, operations engineers, technical support, and more. We're very open to people who can help move our product forward in ways we haven't thought about yet.

We write code primarily in Python and JavaScript.

Ok to contact you directly about these positions? I'm new to the whole Who's Hiring thing, so I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is.

San Francisco (fulltime, intern)

Causes - http://www.causes.com/jobs

Looking for developers who want to Save the World! with Ruby. We're a well-funded start up with a top-notch engineering team -- we just need more engineers! Back end, front end, sys ops, or all three. The mission of Causes is to be the best giving experience online. To date, we've raised over $30m for non-profits. It's easy to lose yourself in the programming anywhere, but when you come up for air at Causes, you see that the project you worked on helped send girls to school in Malawi. It's a very rewarding experience. Sound interesting? Try out our coding puzzle on causes.com/jobs or send in your resume!

adam@causes.com if you have any specific questions!

New York City: Warby Parker is hiring a front-end web developer: http://www.krop.com/jobs/43wjs/

Warby Parker designs and sells vintage-inspired frames with anti-reflective prescription lenses for $95 whereas comparable quality glasses cost over $500. And, for every pair sold, a pair is donated to someone in need.

We want to make our site the easiest and most enjoyable place to buy glasses on the web. Over the past year or so, we have been developing lots of great ideas and designs in order to make this happen, but we need some talented developers to help us get there.

Offices are located in Union Square, if interested shoot an email to jobs at warbyparker.com or tim at warbyparker.com

Columbus, OH

eRetailing Associates (www.eretailing.com), a Columbus, OH-based e-commerce company, is currently seeking a full time Software Developer (entry level is okay, but you should be a complete ninja). Join our innovative small team, and work in a casual but focused and hard-working atmosphere on some of the leading personalization-on-demand websites online today.

Some technologies (and other stuff) you might be involved in or should have some interest in are: Perl, PHP, Flash, HTML5, MySql, performance tuning, writing beautiful software, doing things ‘the right way’, OOP, learning, refactoring, never settling for shortcuts and half-baked solutions, Amazon Web Services, PROBLEM SOLVING (hint, hint), Linux, Apache, and new ways of thinking.

If this sounds interesting to you and you think you’re a stellar web geek, then we need to talk.

What’s in it for you?

* Very competitive compensation

* Group health insurance, paid vacation, and the other usual benefits

* Good work-life balance

* Hanging out with me, Jeema3000. :)

Email your resume to: blarson@eretailing.com

Mountain View, CA - H1B

LinkedIn is hiring engineers at all levels! Here's a canonical job posting: http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=1588634&...

I personally work on the Search, Network, and Analytics team, building our distributed graph database. We've showcased 10 of our open source projects at http://sna-projects.com/sna/. I'm currently maintaining Norbert, our RPC framework for distributed applications. Most openings are Java roles, but I work in Scala about 50% of the time. We're starting to use JRuby as well. A few other HNers are on the team as well, I know strlen is the maintainer of Project Voldemort.

Please message me if you're interested!

As an addition, if you're interested in working in the student space for LinkedIn, please contact me (email in profile). We're also looking for great engineers to tackle a very important market.

Where do you want to be message at? :)

jhartman -at- linkedin dot com works!

Gainesville, FL - PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS (both fulltime and INTERN positions available)

Grooveshark is seeking talented developers to work on our core web application. We have all kinds of positions open: from PHP to serious JavaScript, to lighter-weight HTML/CSS hacking with a little jQuery sprinkled on top, to UX design.

We've got more detailed descriptions for some of the positions here:

(PHP) http://wanderr.com/jay/grooveshark-is-hiring-part-1/2011/05/...

(JS) http://wanderr.com/jay/grooveshark-is-hiring-part-2/2011/05/...

(HTML/CSS) http://wanderr.com/jay/grooveshark-is-hiring-part-3/2011/05/...


Sign...what a lovely tech stack you have there.

Austin, TX

The Texas Tribune is looking for experienced developers to help us improve and open source our Knight Foundation-funded, Django-based news CMS (http://armstrongcms.org/), and build interactive "news apps" that make it easier to understand what's going on in the Texas government. Few people know what's going on in their state governments even though that's where a lot of the things that actually affect people's day-to-day lives get decided. We're fixing that by making it easier for people to find the information that they should care about.

http://trib.it/ttdevjob / nbabalola@texastribune.org

RG Labs is hiring engineers, designers and data scientists for full-time positions in San Francisco. Here is information about us and the positions:


PS Although we're funded we're also still very small so if having a big equity slice is an important factor to you in your next role, what we can offer is very compelling.

There's not much on this site, but I've known Jon for a decade and I think you'll be inspired by working with him on his (currently) quiet company.

Austin, TX

Bazaarvoice is hiring tons of folks this year.

We're almost always rated the Best Place In Austin to work.

We need engineers and product managers.

Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Mobile and more:


Just pinged you about two positions I saw!

Everlane FULL TIME San Francisco, CA

Hey HN!

I'm Jesse, one of the co-founders of Everlane, and we're hiring engineers.

Check out our website at http://www.everlane.com, and my personal blog at http://20bits.com

We're trying to re-imagine retail online and make it easy to find products that match your taste and style. Right now we're focused on mens fashion, but our ambitions are much larger.

We're gearing up for our first sale, but our customers already love us.

pg did a good job of explaining the opportunity, here: http://ycombinator.com/rfs2.html

Here's a sample of some of the user feedback we get daily:

* I can't wait until you open a store.

* When are you going to start selling things? I want to spend all my money with you.

* It's like you entered my brain and turned it into a store.

* I want to buy all my husband's clothes from you -- please start selling!

Oh, and someone wrote us a love poem yesterday: http://tumblr.everlane.com/post/6046682577/oh-everlane-everl...

We're well-funded by really awesome investors and need engineers who are interested in building the next big online retail destination. Imagine we're a storefront with tens of thousands of people banging on the doors outside, begging us to open. That's when you'd be joining.

Our current stack is Ruby, Rails, MySQL, and Heroku, but smart and hungry beats knowledge of specific languages.

If you're interested send me an email at jesse@everlane.com and mention this post. The most important thing is for you to be excited by the opportunity, so make it clear.

Bonus points for including a solution to this exercise in the language of your choice: http://static.everlane.com/everlane_exercise.pdf

New York City -- Frontend Dev/UI Person -- SeatGeek

We're a data-driven search engine for sports and concert tickets. We're trying to use analytics and exceptional UX to make buying event tickets a wholly better experience.

We currently have a four-person dev team, but everyone prefers to work on the backend. We're looking for someone to come in and own the frontend of the web app, which will involve creating interfaces in Photoshop, brining them to life in HTML/CSS, and (ideally, but not necessarily) doing some Javascript work.

More details here: http://seatgeek.com/jobs/frontend/

Are you hiring backend engineers also?

New York / Telecommute

Apartment Therapy (http://www.apartmenttherapy.com ) is hiring a web engineer. Our ideal candidate has strong ruby chops and/or experience with building customized search (e.g., with sphinx or solr). Our audience is growing quickly (7 million uniques in April), we're aggressively cleaning up our stack (and paying down the technical debt accrued to get here) and setting the stage for better tools for our readers.

Link: http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/9050

(edit: added link)

Boston, MA (not remote)

MDT Advisers - We're a small quant investing shop working with machine learning, financial analysis, and the hardest dataset in the world. We're mainly hiring for a general analyst position that’s about 60% programming and 40% financial and statistical analysis -- http://www.mdtadvisers.com/careers/qea.jsp . The people, problems, and pay are good, and we aim for good work-life balance(e.g. no 60 hour weeks).

You can email me at jlewicke@mdtadvisers.com with any questions you have.

Just out of curiosity, what's the hardest data set in the world?

Pricing diamond futures?

Londsdaleite futures, actually: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonsdaleite :)

I was originally talking about trying to get currently profitable trading strategies out of the same pieces of accounting information that millions of smart competitors have access to. It's definitely a bit of a Red Queen's race ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Queens_race ) trying to find and clean up new data sources and improve our trading methods well enough just to stay current. It's also hard because even though there's lots of data available, it's hard to tell how useful the early data is and whether you can still make money with trading strategies based on it.

Very interesting. I guess though that there is little data that the rest of the world _doesn't_ have right?

Btw, The wikipedia link should be http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Queens_race

That's interesting -- it looks like news.arc automatically removed the "%27" from both of our URL submissions, maybe as an over-zealous anti-spam precaution.

Ha - so it did! I didn't check, assumed was good :)

If you don't mind me asking... If someone were already a good programmer, what is the baseline financial/statistical knowledge?

New Delhi, India (full time)

Visual Website Optimizer is a fast-growing A/B testing product that has thousands of users worldwide. Go check us out: http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/careers.php

On-site in our Delhi Office, we are looking for expert PHP/JavaScript programmers.

Additionally, we are looking to hire someone for sales and business development in US. We have an open position for customer support engineer too. For these roles, you may be based out of anywhere (although Delhi based candidates are preferred)

Khan Academy - full time devs and interns. Mountain View preferred, but remote is not off the table.

Full details at http://www.khanacademy.org/jobs/dev

New York, New York

CB Insights (www.cbinsights.com) - Front End Developer

Full description here (or read below): http://www.cbinsights.com/jobs/Front-End%20Developer%20-%20C...

Contact career@cbinsights.com if interested.

CB Insights Front-End Developer will be responsible for conceptualizing, designing and developing web-based applications for our production platform, including product presentation, data, search, and visualization capabilities.

CB Insights is a technology-driven information services company that offers comprehensive information, intelligence and insights about high-growth private companies and their investors. The company’s Beacon software platform, which received support from the National Science Foundation, uses advanced information extraction, categorization and statistical modeling to algorithmically assess the health of private companies using strength and sentiment signals. CB Insights is powering the Forbes 2011 America’s Most Promising Companies Campaign. The company is based in New York City. For more information about CB Insights, please visit http://www.cbinsights.com/.

We also operate ChubbyBrain, an entrepreneur-focused website that aims to use data to help entrepreneurs identify investors for their ventures. For more information on ChubbyBrain, please visit http://www.chubbybrain.com/. Front-End

Boston, MA - Ruby/Rails Engineers

Earth Aid ( http://earthaid.net ) is newly venture-backed by Point Judith Capital as well as strategic and angel investors who have built and scaled some of the most successful businesses today. We've been called "the killer app for energy efficiency" ( http://bit.ly/dZBy7q ) and our work has been featured in publications such as Mashable ( http://on.mash.to/hqyZqF ), TechCrunch, The New York Times ( http://nyti.ms/ayzLHb ), The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. We have small offices in San Francisco and Washington, DC, and we're now consolidating our heretofore distributed dev team and HQ into an awesome brand new office we just opened on Liberty Square in Boston!

We are looking for people who want to work on incredibly complex problems and come up with solutions that will change the world. This is an opportunity to not only work with a dynamic group of people, but also the opportunity to build a platform that's revolutionizing the way we look at energy consumption. We want the best and the brightest. People who work hard and play hard. People who want to make an impact. Why be a cog in the wheel when you can help steer the ship?

Learn more about our very competitive salaries, excellent benefits, cool culture, and small arsenal of office helicopter drones at: http://www.earthaidjobs.com, and send us an e-mail at jobs at earthaid dot net

So it looks like you are making energy savings into a game? Monitization I presume from tie ins to companies that sell energy star equipment, leads for solar (at least in MA) etc?

A Small Orange, a shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated web hosting company, is hiring remote Linux system administrators, as well as live chat and billing support folks to help us support our growing customer base.

In addition to all of the touchy feely things like a chance to work with great people, help our customers, and a chance to be part of a growing and successful company. You also get:

- Competitive pay - Flexible scheduling, including up to 21 days of paid time off and 4 days of paid time for community service - An extremely comprehensive benefits package that includes fully paid health, vision, and dental insurance for employees and 50% paid health, vision, and dental insurance for dependents and family members - Company paid long term disability and life insurance - A 401k and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - Ability to work remotely / from the comfort of your home office. - A variety of other perks and benefits, ranging from free web hosting, company parties and events, reimbursement for co-working for those who want to get out of house to work, and more.

You can see more details and apply here: http://jobs.asmallorange.com

We also have an office in the Raleigh-Durham area (NC) that local (or traveling) candidates are welcome to work from.

Hi, I actually applied at A Small Orange and I haven't heard back yet. I was just wondering what your hiring process is like... If it's okay can you please share some details?

I didn't see the Linux position listed on the jobs page, could you provide some more information?

San Francisco, CA (REMOTE available for the right candidate)

Elation EMR ( http://www.elationemr.com )

We're working on incredibly smart and usable web based tools for physicians.

We're angel funded and have an incredible list of investors.

We're building with Python, Django, javascript, jQuery, Redis, MySQL, Java, and some other stuff.

We're looking add one or two more people to our incredible team. Interested?

More details here: http://elationemr.com


We write Python, C, code in vim, write unit tests, and ship multiple times a day. Our mission is to help the world learn from its data and we offer real-time analytics today.

We're also in San Francisco.

I imagine you aren't saying one must use vim, so asking for clarity (not that I'm looking, just saw that as odd).

I believe it is more of description of people there. I personally like it, and count that as an important information when looking for employment.

London or San Francisco (full-time)

WebMynd is hiring Javascript and iPhone developers as #8 and #9 in the company.

We make it 10x easier to get our customers' apps onto multiple platforms. We've started with browser add-ons: write it once for Chrome and, with our framework, it'll work on Firefox, Safari and IE. Android and iPhone are next.

Every day we're working to make developer's lives easier, letting them focus on features for their users rather the cross-platform plumbing.

Matasano is always hiring people who want to break other people's software in creative and horrifying ways. My contact information is in my profile.

Vancouver, Canada - iOS, Android, Ruby/Rails

Tingle is an iPhone App (and soon Android) that helps you find singles at places in your neighbourhood. It takes the best features of mobile (BBM style messaging, Skype style VoIP) and combines them with the best of location (Foursquare places, etc).

You may be a kick-ass UI/UX programmer. You've read everything by Don Norman and Edward Tufte and you know UIKit, Core Animation cold.

You may be a kick-ass systems programmer. You know the pros and cons of SIP vs Jabber/Jingle. You are a NAT traversing ninja. You live in code profilers and memory optimizers. You can feed ravenous audio hardware with crispy ring buffers.

You may be a kick-ass API developer. You know Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Twitter, etc APIs cold. You can design and develop APIs yourself. You know when to reach into the toolbox and pull out a dynamic language like Ruby or a static language like Scala or a functional language like Erlang. You're too busy writing code to waste time getting into language wars.

You may be a kick-ass DevOps, backend developer. You know the pros and cons of Linode vs Rackspace vs AWS. You script like a mofo because you want the machines doing all of the tedious work of deployment, integration, testing, etc. You know when data should sit in a document store like MongoDB or a relational database like MYSQL. You know how to scale an architecture to hundreds of thousands of users and then to millions of users.

We are a venture backed startup. We've taped on Dragon's Den in Canada. We've launched in Canada and are executing on the master plan to take over the world. We live in Vancouver. We love Vancouver. We are kicking the shit out of the 4:20 attitude. We are hungry and we have a chip on our shoulders. We are gonna win just like the Canucks.

Join us.

Is "kicking the shit out of the 4:20 attitude" some sort of reference to marijuana usage? I'm not at all familiar with this turn of phrase.

Being that they're from Vancouver I think it would be. The only way to be more sure is if they were from Nelson.

RockMelt is hiring a variety of positions[1] in Mountain View, CA, but we could really use a sysadmin who'd prefer to spend most of her day automating her job. Devops, SRE, tools builder, whatever you want to call it, someone who uses code to make operations easier, faster, better.


[1] http://www.rockmelt.com/jobs.html

Boston, MA.

Ember is hiring for embedded software engineers and QA engineers in Boston: http://www.ember.com/company_careers.html

We develop the chips, software, and tools for wireless sensor networks.

I’ve worked at Ember since December, and it’s the best place I’ve ever worked (and I’ve worked at some pretty good places!) And, no joke, all of my coworkers say the same thing. So either we’re that great of a place to work, or there’s something in the water, but either way, it’s awesome.

But, as Levar Burton says, you don’t have to take my word for it: We were just voted one of the top places to work in Boston: http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2011/05/03/bbj-announ...

Our QA engineers are more “developer-y” than many QA roles, so definitely check it out even if you’re not in the market for a more traditional QA position.

Email me if you’re interested: hnjune2011@saidsvec.com

Sunnyvale (fulltime, remote, H1B)

Infoaxe was founded by two graduate students at Stanford University, Jonathan & Vijay to fundamentally change the way Personalized Search & Content discovery happens today on the Web.

You will work closely with the founding team and play a big role in Infoaxe's success. You will help in shaping the product and influencing Infoaxe's culture as we grow. We pay extremely competitively (above market) and offer significant equity.

Requirements: B.S, M.S. or Ph.D in Computer Science or equivalent Extremely proficient in Java (C++, Python or other OO experience may help) Proficiency with the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP), Tomcat Experience with Machine Learning or Data Mining a plus

We are happy to offer a referral bonus of $1000 as a token of our appreciation, if you refer somebody to interview with us and we hire that person.

Read more here: http://www.infoaxe.com/infoaxehiring.html

San Diego, CA; WhooshTraffic is hiring for a junior programming position (intern or fulltime): http://whooshtraffic.com

We use Python + Pyramid, MySQL, and Erlang. Remote will be considered but we prefer local.

Email resume & link to your BitBucket, GitHub, or other social coding profile to jobs@whooshtraffic.com

Palo Alto, CA - Flipboard Seeking iOS, service, and web developers with a passion for design and craftsmanship. (No remote is possible.) http://www.flipboard.com/jobs [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@+HN@%@.com", @"charles", @"flipboard"] "%s+HN@%s.com" % ("charles", "flipboard")

New York, NY (PHP developers but we are mostly tech agnostic)

Jetsetter is looking for entrepreneurial engineers. We are a small group of technology-focused engineers and product creators that are excited by travel and expanding the online experience beyond a simple search form.

We value hackers and creative thinkers who use technology to solve real problems. We like doing things the right way. Here are some recent examples of things we’ve built:



For immediate consideration, or if you just want to talk/ask questions about what it is like here, send me a note... bgormsen@jetsetter.com

Distributed team, East Coast seeks Python generalists.

HiiDef, Inc is a consumer web incubator with two rapidly growing properties, http://flavors.me/ and http://goodsie.com

Help us solve the challenges that revolve around top notch user experiences. We're continually building new products and features, scaling infrastructure, and responding to our enthusiastic customers.

Team members have flexible hours, top notch hardware, and experienced, talented co-workers invested in their success. We pride ourselves on a results oriented, laid back culture and seek people who can thrive with an exceptional amount of independence.

Please contact me directly at johnwehr@hiidef.com

Sociable Labs is hiring a bunch of engineers for front-end, back-end and leadership roles. We're making great strides in creating a platform that drives sales and referral traffic from social networks (mostly from Facebook).

We're a highly collaborative bunch consisting of Google, MIT and Microsoft alumni who likes to learn and kick ass. Non-standard employee perks include a no personal time off policy (we don't count how much vacation time you've accrued), and huge amounts of gourmet chocolate.

E-mail me at julson@sociablelabs.com and I'll make sure to pester our HR with your resume. =D

Here's a link to our jobs page: http://www.sociablelabs.com/careers.htm

We are located in San Mateo, CA btw.

San Francisco, CA - Fulltime - WiseView Research (http://www.easyshiftapp.com, http://www.wise-view.com) - RoR Engineer (or anyone that can code and is smart)

We're a funded startup located in San Francisco working out of the awesome Rocketspace co-working facility (http://www.rocket-space.com). We recently launched our app in private beta and will be rolling out nationwide later this year. Competitive salary, meaningful stock allocations and full health benefits.

Contact me at brian@wise-view.com if interested!

San Francisco, CA - Blurb Blurb lets people tell their stories - currently through print-on-demand books, but increasingly through other venues.

We are both established and growing like mad (we were #47 on last year's Inc 500). We have a great group of people and a lot of fun challenges in the year ahead. We just launched a bevy of new products (our iPhone app is getting great reviews).

We have great benefits, a great work/life balance, and we're in a great location close to the BART, CalTrain, and lots of food options.

We are currently hiring for many positions - front end, Rails, iPhone, and more. http://www.blurb.com/join_us

(Tell them Ben S sent you)

Palo Alto, CA - PULSE - Interns & Full-Time Employees.

We're looking for Backend, Android iOS and Web developers to join our team and reinvent the news reading experience on mobile devices. Shoot me an email at cc@alphonsolabs.com if you're interested!

Lot18, New York, NY

We're an agile technology startup based in New York City. Lot18 is a marketplace for wineries to sell direct to consumers.

Open Software Engineering Positions:

Back-end Lead

Back-end Developer

Web Application Lead

Web Application Developer

Front End Developer

Mobile Application Developer

Technical Project Manager

Full list with descriptions: http://www.lot18.com/careers

Why you should work here:

- Well funded. We’ve raised $13M from tier one investors.

- People actually use our product. Over 250k users have joined since we launched in October.

- It’s not social media. We have a real business model and do 7 figures a month in revenue.

- Benefits: Competitive salary, stock options, medical/dental paid in full, flex vacation policy, plenty of wine, lots of challenges and interesting problems to solve.

San Francisco, CA

Boundary is building a platform for real-time network operations, visualization, and exploration. We have exciting challenges in high-speed data collection, large-scale data processing, user experience, and interface design. We work with a variety of languages, including Scala, Erlang, C/C++, and Javascript. We're venture-backed and our small, talented team is growing fast. Our jobs page is at https://boundary.com/jobs or you can email us at jobs@boundary.com. If you are great at what you do and want to make a real impact, we'd love to hear from you!

New York, NY - Software Engineer wanted

Trendrr is a real-time data processing engine that powers Trendrr.com, Trendrr.tv, and other media experiences. We are a small, lean startup. Our stack is built on open source, and we believe in giving back wherever possible. This is a very small development team, and you will have a hand in everything.

For more information about the position see: http://blog.trendrr.com/2011/05/24/software-engineer-wanted-... or contact me directly, I am a developer at Trendrr and am happy to answer your questions

New York, NY (full-time, onsite)

bitly - http://bitly.com/jobs (or just e-mail jobs@bitly.com)

We're adding Systems Administrators, Frontend Developers, Infrastructure Engineers, and a UX Designer

We can handle H1Bs if necessary

Hey Todd, does bit.ly take on interns at all?

We do, although we're fairly full up on interns this summer. Feel free to shoot us an email though.

Public Relations Intern (part-time, paid)

Company: FastCustomer -- http://www.fastcustomer.com/

Location: Remote, work from home

We've made a way for people to skip waiting on hold for customer service at all the major companies (banks, airlines, credit cards, etc.) So far we've saved people over 100k minutes waiting on hold. The press is pretty receptive to this idea as it solves a clear need that everyone has (everyone hates waiting on hold) but we'd love someone's help with organizing our press efforts.

Know anyone who's extremely organized, writes well and loves talking to new people? Hook us up!


Austin, Texas - Onsite, full-time, will relocate.

Spiceworks is hiring http://www.spiceworks.com/jobs/

We're mostly a Ruby shop. I'm a developer there and it's easily the best team I've worked with.

Rob beat me to it. Spiceworks is growing and we have a fantastic team and work environment!

Cambridge, MA

ActBlue is looking for looking for engineers who share our political goals, our commitment to rock-solid dependability, and our impatience with inefficiency. Our technical team is small: you'll be taking on significant responsibility right out of the gate. Candidates should have a solid grasp on web application architecture, a commitment to code quality, and be well-versed in at least one of Rails, jQuery, HTML5, or PostgreSQL. Bonus points for design experience and good writing skills.


Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA

Gobbler is funded startup in Hollywood, CA focusing on backup and collaboration for pro audio. We have multiple open positions and are interested in talking to anyone with mid-to-senior level experience in:

  * Rails Engineer: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, NodeJS, Redis
  * Desktop (OSX) Application Engineer: Desktop UI/UX, Objective-C, C++
  * DevOps: AWS, Chef, Vagrant
Please email dan@gobbler.com if you are interested in hearing any more about these positions.

More details at: http://www.getgobbler.com/about/jobs

There will be around 120 start-ups looking to hire at the Silicon Alley Talent Fair on June 16th. You can view the list of hiring Start-ups along with the positions they are looking to fill: bit.ly/SATFtalent

Menlo Park, CA

Nearbuy Systems is looking for a great software engineer.

We're a well funded, year-old startup working on indoor location-based systems. You're a generalist engineer who is a pro at C++, CUDA, Ruby or JavaScript, loves learning new things, working with a small team and shipping code.

I know we're not in SOMA or the Dogpatch, or wherever people pay for fancy offices these days, but we are close to Caltrain and right on the SF2G Bayway route.

See http://www.nearbuysystems.com/company/engineer for more information.

San Francisco, CA

Affine Systems generates data about online video using computer vision (face recognition, product recognition, scene classification, etc.) for advertisers to use in targeting and filtering their online video campaigns.

We did over a million dollars in revenue last year working on campaigns for major brands. We recently raised our B round, led by Crosslink Capital, the investors behind Pandora.

We are looking for test-driven engineers (and sysadmins) to work on an internet-scale video processing pipeline using Python, MySQL, Selenium, ffmpeg and other open source tools. Its goal is to find and ingest videos from web pages and to generate and store metadata about those videos using our vision algorithms written in C++.

You aren't expected to have a background in computer vision, but it would be great if you are interested in learning more about it. We are building a cross-functional team, so you will work closely with our computer vision experts to plan new capabilities and bring them into production. We are also looking for computer vision experts who feel the need as we do to build an engine that can watch and understand all of the world's video. This is truly the greatest AI problem as there is no more quintessentially human activity than watching TV.

No remote hires, please. You must be willing to work at our office five days a week in a pair programming environment.

If interested, please contact me (founder/ CTO) at bobby@affinesystems.com Thanks.

Bay Area, CA

Cake Health is building tools to make the health insurance industry more transparent. We help people and companies make more informed decisions about their health care.

We're built on Rails, mySQL, HAML, SASS, and jQuery, and we use Git and Rspec to keep us sane. We're looking for people who can speak the language fluently in at least a few of those areas and can order dinner in all of them (or could at least ask for directions and figure something out).

More at http://cakehealth.com/jobs

Redwood City, CA - fulltime - H1B applicants welcome

BillShrink is hiring for a number of positions - front end and back end (Java) developers, product managers, even sales guys - http://www.billshrink.com/jobs/

BillShrink is the VC-backed company behind the recently announced StatementRewards (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/billshrink-debuts-st...), a free service that enables financial institutions to provide consumers with exclusive, targeted rewards at their favorite merchants. Consumers are rewarded for their loyalty by receiving money-saving offers as well as personalized recommendations for finding the right TV service, cell phone plan, gas station and more. These powerful bill analysis applications are also available directly to consumers on BillShrink.com, which has found 1.6 million users more than 1 billion dollars in savings.

BillShrink is a two-time Webby Award nominee, was listed among the “Top 20 Best Money Websites” by Money Magazine, and named one of the “Best Web Sites” by Kiplinger’s. The company has been featured in the country’s leading news sources including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Consumer Reports, Fortune, The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, CNN, ABC and CBS. The company publishes the popular "Shrinkage is Good" blog, which features commentary on the latest economic news and savings tips

Conshohocken, PA - Monetate

We're hiring at Monetate. We've hired great people from HN.

We're a SAAS provider of testing, targeting and personalization tools (i.e. segmentation, A/B testing, MVT). We've got existing high-volume customers.


* We're looking for backend engineers who want to work on data and web problems at scale.

* We're also hiring front-end developers who want to help build and test experiments and own our client-facing UI. Javascript all around!

Feel free to email me any questions - tom at monetate com.

New York City (Ruby on Rails)

At Harvest, we're making it super easy for people to track time and send invoices online. We're looking for a Rails developer to join our growing team.


Rails Dev? Read about our Rails 3 upgrade experience from earlier this year: http://www.getharvest.com/blog/2011/01/harvest-is-running-ra...

Seattle (or San Francisco) - Product/UX Designer

Picture of Health makes tools that help people take care of people. We are well-funded, self-funded, pre-launch, and small (4 in Seattle, 2 in SF). This is an opportunity to be in the first wave and help define how we do things.

We're looking for a product designer who will own design for our web and device software products. We're building consumer services, and having the right design will be critical to our success. This person needs to make sure our products are successful at solving problems for people. Some visual design ability would be great, but this is primarily an interaction design position.

The current dev team is me plus three former Hashrocketeers in downtown Seattle. Our stack is Rails; our process is story-based, test-driven, and design-respectful. (We'd love to hear from great developers as well if you're interested -- see http://vurl.me/AZHL)

We'd prefer to keep the dev/design team in Seattle for now, but we could bend this rule for an exceptional person who wants to be in SF.

Misc. company facts: My co-founder used to be CEO of Sun Microsystems. We have competitive salary, equity, and benefits. Our new office is a former hair salon, so we have unlimited hot water. Dogs welcome. (More facts on request.)

Apply: http://vurl.me/BMFE

Washington, DC

Threespot - http://threespot.com

Threespot is a mid-sized digital communications agency that focuses on the do-gooding world: typically nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies. We're a tight-knit bunch of whip smart folks trying to do great things through our incredible array of clients, which includes: ACLU, Amnesty International, Brookings Institution, Conservation International, Humane Society, Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, National Park Service, Peace Corps, Planned Parenthood, and Smithsonian Institution.

In the technology department we're hiring multiple developers for two positions:

Front-End Developer: http://www.threespot.com/about/jobs/developer/

Web Software Engineer/Developer: http://www.threespot.com/about/jobs/sw-engineer/

Though we're open to candidates with all sorts of backgrounds, I think it's fair to say that we'd prefer backend folks with experience in one or more MVC frameworks, especially Django and Rails.

We're also hiring marketing folks, art directors and designers, UX leads, project managers, and more: http://www.threespot.com/about/

Contact info in my profile.


Bizo is hiring Software Engineers...

We’re a small, disciplined team that gets a lot done. We have more data centers than engineers. We write quality, scalable software. We survived the AWS outage unscathed. We believe in teamwork and communication: comments, design reviews, code reviews for every change, weekly tech talks. We believe in giving developers ownership over projects. We believe Engineering is more than coding. We have fun and keep the beer fridge well stocked.

We are looking for motivated problem solvers with an entrepreneurial / hacker spirit.

Our development blog: http://dev.bizo.com/ Our open source projects: http://code.bizo.com/

Languages we (mainly) use: Java, Scala, Ruby, Javascript. Languages we’ve used in hackdays, so who knows: Erlang, Go, C, Groovy, R, matlab. Other technologies: AWS (EC2, S3, SimpleDB, …, everything really), Hadoop, Hive, GWT, AppEngine, Linux, Tomcat, Nginx, MongoDB, MySQL, Solr.

And, we’re open. We believe in the right tool for the right job, and we are willing to try things out and take risks when it makes sense.

More info available at: http://bizoneers.com or email: bizoneers@bizo.com

-Donnie (donnie@bizo.com)

Atlanta, GA

Endgame Systems is hiring! If you are an exceptionally gifted engineer we want to speak to you.

We're hiring for a web developer position, ideally with this kind of experience:

  * Python

  * Django

  * MySQL, Cassandra

  * JavaScript, especially JQuery

  * CSS and grid-based layouts

  * Linux, shell scripting, git, sys admin chops

We're lean, have a well funded and managed operation, and we're leaders in the space. Join us.

Please get in touch with us at careers @ endgamesystems.com.

San Francisco, CA - REMOTE, INTERN

Librato - http://librato.com is looking to hire a fifth engineer into our small team. We've building a great product for infrastructure monitoring/management with enthusiastic early adopters. As a ground-floor member of the company you’ll receive a competitive salary and a meaningful equity position:


Los Angeles, CA - Full Time

SaveFans! is a high-growth, early stage company, that provides a fully-automated, turn-key platform for buyers and sellers to negotiate prices and purchase event tickets.

  Job Perks
  * Play a big role on a small team
  * Work closely with founders and executives from some of the largest media companies in America
  * Leave your fingerprint on a huge industry
  * Have stock options in a company that is fixing a broken model
  * Be the first employee for a funded start-up

  * Experience building web applications 
  * Experience with MVC design patterns and frameworks 
  * Demonstrated fanatical attention to detail 
  * Familiarity with source control systems (Git) 

  * Experience with agile development processes
  * Appreciation of software development best practices, but knows when it is important to deliver code
  * Experience with git flow, Vagrant, Memcached, Amazon Web Services
  * Comfortable working on the command line
  * SQL optimization chops 


Seattle, WA - Software Development Engineer

AWS - My team is looking for software engineers passionate about building new web services. If you’re interested in building high performance distributed systems, come join a new AWS service and influence the direction of the leading cloud provider. We have several positions for a range of experience levels. If you’re not in Seattle but are up for a change of scenery, Amazon has a great relocation program that makes it extremely easy to join AWS.

To apply, send your resume to aws-jobs-fast-yc@amazon.com.

AWS is an unique mix of startup culture/autonomy combined with the ability to leverage the incredible infrastructure of Amazon/AWS. I’ve worked in AWS for the past year and I’ve learned more in that time than I thought possible. I’m an infrastructure person at heart, and at other companies I’ve worked for, I’m always torn between doing the deep engineering that I love, or working on a more customer focused product. In AWS, they are one and the same. I like having scalability, availability, and performance as core features of the product I’m building. Another thing I love about working in AWS is the impact your work has - your service is used by thousands of developers, and those developers use your service in ways you never imagined, which are then used by millions of people.

Detailed job descriptions :

https://us-amazon.icims.com/jobs/133388/job https://us-amazon.icims.com/jobs/137679/job https://us-amazon.icims.com/jobs/137677/job

Boston, MA.

Dimagi is hiring a Senior Engineer in Boston. We are a small social enterprise that make apps that support healthcare systems in the developing world. We focus on mobile and SMS-based applications.

Any excellent programmers welcome to apply.

Experience with Python, CouchDB or Android is a plus.

Dimagi: http://www.dimagi.com/ Careers: http://www.dimagi.com/about/careers/


Zaarly (http://zaarly.com) is hiring a JS client developer, experience in backbone.js would be amazing. Great eye for design, be able to craft web clients running off our API.

If you're in LA, SF, Seattle, KC, DC or NYC we've got an office for you to work from, otherwise work from home. Live anywhere and fly in to our week hackathons at these satellite offices.

Send email to jobs AT zaarly DOT com.

I'd like to try my hand at playing around with the Zarrly API. Is there documentation?

We are.

Tutorspree (YC W11) is hiring PHP Hackers and Designers (Remote is okay, but NYC is preferred)

* http://www.tutorspree.com/jobs


El Segundo, CA (in the Los Angeles area near LAX)

Software Engineer - full-time, local only

We need developers who are comfortable with the .NET stack. We have hired three devs from MySpace and are looking for more.

Our product is a B2B web app for salespeople to manage their leads. We aim to be the cutting edge solution in the space, so there are lots of interesting problems to work on.

We're experiencing lots of growth. This is a great time to join. Email Bill at bpaetzke@leads360.com.

Pathway Genomics: jobs@pathway.com

Location: Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA

Position: Engineer - We believe engineers are capable of providing their expertise on many fronts beyond just software development. As a pathway engineer you'll primarily be working with a LAMP stack using the Zend MVC Framework, however you will have the opportunity to use many additional skills including: javascript, Perl, Python, R...and technologies like: nodejs and tahoe-lafs. You'll be involved in product development and provide a significant contribution every day.

Standard Competitive Benefits: Salary, Stock Options, Health/Dental/Vision...and our softball team is in 1st place in our league!

About Pathway: Pathway is a growing venture funded startup that has been in business for 3 years. You've heard of us because when we were about to launch our product in 6000 walgreen's stores nationwide, we caught the attention of the national news as well as the FDA. We have a CLIA certified genetics testing lab on site and an amazing team of scientists and professionals. We provide affordable genetic reports for individuals and their doctors; we make a difference in people's lives.

Chicago, IL BrightTag is hiring http://www.brighttag.com

BrightTag is an early stage vc-funded start-up based in downtown Chicago. We are looking for a front-end developer who possesses a rare blend of “arts and programming smarts” to join a technical team working to transform the way data rights management is handled on the Internet.

You should have a passion for information architecture, UI design and front-end development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc). You're happpiest when coding and solving interesting problems. You're really smart and amazing but your ego doesn’t require that you be the only smart and amazing person on your team.

Our management team knows how to build successful tech companies from the ground up. Our CTO is Eric Lunt, the former CTO/founder of Feedburner.

We are big on innovation, getting work done and not into drama or big company politics. We believe in our employees having a life outside of work, are big advocates of being involved in the open source community and are just nice people.

Want to know more? Contact Lisa O'Keefe lokeefe(at)brighttag(dot)com

Please, NO 3rd party recruiters or outsourcing firms.

Location - Preferably San Fran, Tampa, Miami, Austin, Boston but other areas OK

Need - we need one Android and one iPhone programmer

Company - we're C Monster Solutions, developers of the mobile app called Ship Mate. The app has roughly 50,000 uses per day and can be found in the App Store's Top 20 Travel Apps with Zagat, Disney, Tripit, etc. Our business is in the vacation travel industry (specifically cruises). At times, employment may require coding from a hammock on the back of a cruise ship with rum.

Android Programmer Needed - Ship Mate for the Android has about 20% of the features of Ship Mate for the iPhone. We need someone to bring it up to par asap. Once we have those in place, we'll need to tie the app into the back end we're currently building.

iPhone Programmer Needed - we have some smaller projects as well as some huge, lofty goals for a prospective iPhone programmer, depending on the skill level.

Compensation - negotiable - we can structure it in a traditional manner or we can get creative if that's your flavor.

Ideal Candidate - bored with their current employment and wanting to be involved in something that's exciting and entrepreneurial and in a sweet industry.


New York, NY - Multibillion-dollar hedge fund looking for an exceptional programmer to join our core development team.

We build the tools and engines used by the fund's portfolio managers, traders, quantitative analysts, and back office team to develop trading strategies, analyze risk, and manage day-to-day trading operations across a wide range of markets. We are language-agnostic, but would like someone who knows at least one general-purpose language (C++, C#, Java, etc.) and one get-it-done scripting language (Python, PERL, etc.) well enough to create rock-solid, production-quality systems.

Strong financial mathematics skills are obviously a plus, but those can be taught (and we are happy to teach you). What cannot be taught, and what we seek most, is an intense passion for programming and the desire to tackle the types of difficult problems found in the financial domain. If this sounds interesting to you, please email hropportunity1@gmail.com (sorry for the throwaway address, but for various reasons we cannot publish our actual contact info). Or, if you prefer, contact me directly through my HN profile.

There is no contact info in your HN profile

San Francisco (SOMA)

Apture is hiring for several positions including front end and back end engineers: http://www.apture.com/jobs/

We want to make it easy for people to satisfy their curiosity. Drop me a line if you do too (email's in my profile).

We have interesting technological problems (we use python, eventlet, mysql and redis), but you'll be sucked in by our great people and cool product.

Bellevue, WA and Tempe, AZ. Datasphere is hiring lots of product people, as well as marketing/sales/etc: http://www.datasphere.com/careers

Positions HN people might like:

- Web User Experience Developer

- Principal Software Design Engineer

- Senior Program Manager

- Software Design Engineer

- Software Development in Test (SDET)

About DataSphere:

DataSphere Technologies, Inc. (www.DataSphere.com) is a web technology and hyperlocal ad sales company focused on generating online profits for media companies. Our products and solutions are creating tremendous value and game changing economics for our customers. We are headquartered in Bellevue, Washington and led by a team of Internet veterans with backgrounds from Amazon.com, IMDb, Microsoft, RealNetworks, AltaVista, Trendwest and other leading companies.

This is your chance to be a part of an awesome team of people and contribute to an environment focused on continuous innovation, employee ownership and work life balance. If you love a challenge, want to create huge impact, share our 'work hard/play hard' culture, thrive on change, and continuously strive for excellence, apply for a position with us today!

Palo Alto, CA

Server Side Quality Assurance Engineer

You are an experienced Software QA Engineer who is energetic, motivated, smart, and interested in working with a team comprised of same. You leverage your technical and analytical background to successfully perform your trade, and you get that detail-orientation isn’t a soft requirement but an absolute necessity for outstanding work.

If working in an enterprise level position on a complex and highly-extensible platform sounds like something exciting, you meet the requirements listed below, and you’ve read about (and identified with our company culture) then we’re ready to talk!


    Review preliminary spec designs
    Design test cases using functional requirements
    Run test scripts and validate functionality
    Perform regression/verification testing
    Find and file defects; verify fixed deficiencies
    Debug server side/problem solve
    Test for scale
    Maintain enterprise deployments
    Work with developers to insure a successful, high quality release

    B.S. in computer science, engineering, information systems, or equivalent experience
    Finance or Mathematics background is a plus
    Firm grasp of Back End QA methodologies with a focus on scale performance
    Experience with Linux/Unix
    Strong Shell scripting, Python or Perl
    Oracle, Postgres and/or other database know-how
    Working knowledge of SQL
    Systems administration experience highly preferred
    Ability to work in a fast moving environment with quick turnaround objectives
    Excellent teamwork, independent decision making, and written/verbal communication skills
    Analytical thinking, problem solving, trouble shooting and attention to detail a must

Amazon and especially Amazon Web Services are hiring.

Looking to work on a very large distributed system and the opportunity to impact a huge customer base? Come join S3! https://us-amazon.icims.com/jobs/103943/job, for more of our open positions see http://aws.amazon.com/s3-jobs/

San Francisco

StyleOwner is hiring. We're looking for a strong Ruby engineer for mostly backend engineering stuff but maybe a bit of web / frontend stuff.

For the right candidate we will pay very well.

Please email matt@styleowner.com if you want more details about our team and our app. I'd love to have a quick chat with you to fill you in and answer any questions.

We're ready to hire asap, so please let me know how quickly you would want to join us :)

Forgot to mention an easy email address:

careers@adroll.com or me directly at ben@adroll.com

London, UK ( fulltime )

iwi.com ( http://iwi.com ) a division of Gamesys Ltd (http://gamesyscorporate.com/).

We're building a social games company within one of the most successful gaming companies in the UK, located centrally at Piccadilly Circus.

We're currently hiring:

1 x C# .NET Developers to work on our gaming Platform Team. Experience with Amazon AWS preferred, but not essential. Our platform runs exclusively on AWS utilising nearly every service available: EC2, SimpleDB, RDS, S3, CloudFront, SES and more...

2 x Objective-C / C++ Developers to work on our mobile team, developing awesome games for iOS. OpenGL experience a plus.

1 x Actionscript 3 Games developer to join our team of 5 AS3 developers. Get in touch with us if you're looking for a challenge and love to build games.

Get in touch to apply: http://www.iwi.com/join-us/ put HackerNews in the subject, or holler @ http://twitter.com/tomnewton on Twitter.

REMOTE Austin, TX preferred.

Stormpulse is looking for:

(1) Front-end engineer

(1) Back-end engineer

(2) "Inside"/corporate sales reps

We are Python + AWS. Our team is composed of 3 technical founders and 1 jack-of-all-trades.

We're the #1 search result for "storm tracking" and are actively selling to the Fortune 500.

Bootstrapped startup, ergo engineer positions equity + cash (read: profit-based) compensation along the way. Sales will receive commission or commission+equity split.

San Diego, CA - H1B welcome, Full-Time.

Seeking Python developers: http://www.brightscope.com/about/careers/

BrightScope (http://www.BrightScope.com) is a rapidly growing analytics start-up focused on the massive retirement plan market. BrightScope is located in the Sorrento Mesa area of San Diego but has quickly captured national attention and gained substantial market traction because of its prominent role in the national policy debate on retirement issues. The company's mission is to increase the retirement security of America's workforce by bringing transparency and efficiency to the 401k plan market. BrightScope has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, BusinessWeek, CNN-Money, and CNBC. In addition, BrightScope's research has been cited by the Senate Aging Committee in its most recent report on target date funds.

Palo Alto, CA (very close to Caltrain)

MindTribe is hiring Electrical, Mechanical, and Software engineers. We're an engineering consultancy in downtown Palo Alto (considering an office in SF very soon though, so if that interests you, let us know). Notable projects include the Aliph Jawbone headset, the Pure Digital Flip (before it was acquired by Cisco). We're looking for thought leaders who will help us bring agile development to physical products in support of our clients' customer development efforts.


I'm our Director of Software Engineering and, despite the requirements listed on our website, I'm specifically looking for enthusiastic embedded developers with strong C skills, test-driven development discipline, and agile planning experience--regardless of degree or pedigree. And the agile experience/mindset is more important than intimate knowledge of C. If this excites you, contact me at hn@mindtribe.com.

Dallas, TX

Operations Engineer - OrgSync, Inc.

We’re looking for a log-hugging performance enthusiast to take charge of the OrgSync cloud-based infrastructure. You will have a great degree of freedom in designing an architecture that will facilitate rapid growth and reliability while improving performance every step of the way. You should be comfortable working with Ruby application code. This is a full-time position is at our headquarters in Dallas, TX.


• 2+ years of Linux systems administration

• Strong understanding of the Ruby programming language

• Experience identifying and troubleshooting performance bottlenecks

• Experience with relational databases (MySQL or PostgreSQL) including complex queries and optimization

• Familiarity with web proxies, servers and caching tools (HAProxy, Nginx, etc)

• Familiarity with authentication systems (CAS, SAML, Shibboleth, LDAP a plus)

• Familiarity with cloud services (Amazon EC2, S3, EBS, CloudFront a plus)

• Familiarity with cache and key-value stores (Redis and Memcached a plus)

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

Contact me directly if interested at clifton[at]orgsync[dot]com

Los Angeles, CA and Silicon Valley, CA -- Factual

Remote work is a definite possibility, but in-person is highly preferred. We are looking for full-timers and interns.

Factual aims to be the place where people meet to share, improve, and mash-up data. We have an awesome team that is still fairly small, and an incredible CEO (he was the co-founder of Applied Semantics, which was sold to Google and became AdSense). We recently raised a Series A from Andreessen-Horowitz, and our customers include Facebook (we provide some of their Places data) and Newsweek. We have lots of challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, deduping, storage, serving, APIs, etc. If you love data, Factual is the place to be.

We're looking for awesome Java generalists. Bonus points for experience with MapReduce, machine learning, and/or Clojure.


You can also email me personally at leo -at- factual.com

Shanghai INTERN

We are a startup doing consulting on the side to finance our product.

We mostly work with Ruby on Rails but also have a new project in Node.js. When something is a better tool for the job, we use it and if you come and convince us that it's the case for a part of your project, we will listen to you. So if you're interested, send an email at intern@webagecorp.com

Helsinki, Finland

Grey Area / Shadow Cities is hiring great web & mobile developers and server engineers http://www.greyarealabs.com/jobs/

Work on new, growing location based iOS MMO game. We just launched in the US this week http://www.shadowcities.com

ToVieFor is hiring in New York City. We just graduated from the TechStars NYC program (only 11 companies chosen out of 600 applications). The product is built – we are iterating now. We are closing our first round of Seed financing.

Check us out in TechCrunch (tcrn.ch/bxIu9o) and Business Insider (read.bi/ivavCB).

We are looking for a Lead Technologist that is very comfortable in PHP, MySQL, and ideally, has a bit of experience with Node.js and Redis.

What's in it for you? •Salary and equity competitive with other funded start-ups and inversely proportional. •Results-based workplace with unlimited paid time off. •Company-covered health insurance. •Reimbursement and time off for professional development and conferences. •Awesome open co-working space in the middle of Union Square!

You can email careers at toviefor dot com to apply or go here:


BetterLesson, Cambridge/Boston, MA

Content sharing and social network for teachers.

http://betterlesson.org Hiring UI/UX, product manager, and coders for all levels of application stack.

Our third year, closing our series A. Good traction, fans of Ries, LAMP/SOLR on AWS - working on Scala....

Email - jonathan [dot] hendler [at] betterlesson [dot] org

Chicago, IL

Braintree ( http://www.braintreepayments.com/braintree-careers )

challenging problems: a payment gateway is mission critical

web scale: we're growing quickly and working on scaling

amazing team: I'm working with 7 of the 10 best devs I've worked with in my career

top compensation: the best devs should have the best compensation

Fremont, CA - Engineers of all sorts, Interns and Full-Time

Redwood Systems is building a web-enabled platform for powering and controlling LED lights in commercial spaces and datacenters. Our system collects a large amount of very granular sensor data and we use this information to save energy and increase our clients' productivity. Our engineers work closely with big-name clients to deliver solutions and shape the direction of our product. It's an awesome time to be working here.

We're about 50 people now and are hiring engineers for backend development, sales support, application development, manufacturing, and power systems development. See our full list of openings here: http://redwoodsystems.com/about-us/careers Interns are being hired in many of the same fields. Feel free to get in touch with me directly -- mball -at- redwoodsys.com

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. Since December 2010, when Route 53 launched, we have been working hard to add new features (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2582674), make the service easy to use, and scale our systems. In that time, we've had a big impact on the DNS space, attracting some major customers and filling a gap in the market. Our team is small, nimble, and crazy smart. Working on Route 53 you'll learn tons about networking, DNS, operating a tier-0 service, and growing a business.

We've got lots of exciting plans for this year and next and we're looking for developers and managers to help us turn them into reality. See http://aws.amazon.com/route53-jobs/ for details.

Googling for working at amazon doesn't paint the rosiest of pictures. There are many posts about extreme frugality and poor work-life balance. Any chance I can get your take on it?

Mountain View, CA. BloomReach. Full time.

Do you pine for the days when people wrote their own map-reduces rather than relying on clunky porcine languages? Are you just aching to translate a regular ML algorithm to a distributed one? Do you wish you could implement that paper on data compression to see if it may solve the problem you're facing?

Well, this post may be just for you! *

What? Building high throughput systems at very large scale, mining data streams, and machine learning.

Who? People with a strong computer science background with interests in solving hard problems with practical connotations.





* [Due credit to Linus Torvalds, circa 1991]

Austin, TX - full time

Looking for a Ruby on Rails developer. We are an award-winning and established web company based in Austin. You’ll be working with a small team in a great environment to create web applications based primarily on the Ruby on Rails system. We work with some exciting clients on a national stage in an exciting industry. Requirements: - Minimum two years experience in Ruby on Rails - Three + years of web development experience - HTML\CSS\Javascript knowledge - Willingness to learn new technical and web trends - Ability to work well with a team and meet specific deadlines. Computer Science degree will also be considered a plus.

-Ruby on Rails -CoffeeScript -SASS -JQuery -Mysql -MongoDB

Almost complete developer freedom to choose the right tool for the job.

apply: http://www.getupstream.com/ror-hn

San Francisco, CA - Developers, Designers, and more (full time, or contract-to-hire)

HotelTonight is looking for developers, a designer, and more. We're an early stage company pioneering mobile hotel bookings. We have an awesome team, and just moved into a new office near 2nd & Mission. We also recently closed our Series A round of over $3MM in funding from top venture companies (Battery, Accel, First Round, and more), and made the front page of USA Today yesterday (May 31st).

Our dev team of four uses Rails, Titanium, Coffeescript, Backbone and some other interesting pieces to build mobile apps and an extensive back end. Lots of testing, automation, and some devops too.

We have a couple positions posted. We're open to full time, as well as contract-to-hire. Check out the jobs here:


Can you talk a little bit more about the designer role? I don't see the job posted on your site.

MyEdu.com - Austin, TX - Fulltime - PHP / JavaScript Developers


MyEdu is an education based company that helps college students plan and manage their college career online using our innovative suite of web applications. Our team is comprised of some of the best developers in Austin and we are seeking a few more to join the group. You must be creative, talented and a high performer who thrives working on projects that will change people’s lives.

We are seeking an experienced PHP / JavaScript Developer that has extensive experience in MVC frameworks, Object Oriented Development, agile practices and works well both individually and with a team.

Tons of experience the the following would be a major plus: - JQuery - Restful Web Services - Solr - XML/XSLT - NoSql - Document Databases - Memcached

Email: keith.chilek@myedu.com with your resume and any other relevant material you have.

This position would be replacing me, since I'm emigrating to Canada. Email andrew.harrison@myedu.com if you have any questions about development or company culture.

(Brooklyn, New York / H1-B, citizen, doesn't matter!)

My name is Keith Rutsky and I am a recruiter at Wireless Generation in New York. We are a 420 person educational software company that develops technologies to help educators in America. Currently over 200,000 teachers in 49 out of 50 states use our products like our mCLASS student assessment software.

We are looking to hire full-time software developers (we are language agnostic) to help us build out our product lines. Join us to help teachers have the tools they need to make sure their young students learn math and reading! If you can do anything, why not do something good?

If interested, email me at krutsky@wgen.net or you can apply at https://www.cytiva.com/wgen/details.asp?wgen1585. :)

Burlington, MA - C++ software development of engineering desktop products.

Exa Corp (www.exa.com) is a CAE software company (primarily used for automotive design). We have a variety of positions open on our website, but I'm particularly focused on filling a couple of spots in my group. Here's the posting:

I manage a team of three (including me) and I'm looking to add two developers to support our rapid growth (including a couple of big upcoming projects). Note that the job description lists 5-7 years experience, but because I have two open spots, I'll likely hire one more junior candidate as well.

Shoot me an e-mail if you have any interest or want more details -- the e-mail in the posting (swppjobs@exa.com), will come to me.

Cambridge, MA / New York, NY / Remote.

Statsia (http://www.statsia.com) -- Next-generation statistical computing and data analysis. We are a high-risk / reward startup building an exciting product to tackle some of the biggest challenges of the next few decades.

We have positions for a frontend and backend engineer. The frontend engineer position requires strong design and javascript skills and an interest in data analysis and visualization. The backend engineer position requires experience in programming language design, big data, or Bayesian modeling and computation. PhD in computer science, statistics, or related field with speciality in quantitative methods preferred.

Significant equity possible for the right candidate.

Email: jobs@statsia.com

Houston, TX - C/C++ and PHP Engineers

We are looking for talented individuals with or without a formal education or experience. You must be local or willing to relocation to apply.

About Us: "MediaFire was founded in August 2006 by a group of website enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from the San Francisco Bay Area who were frustrated by the troublesome process of sharing large files over e-mail and FTP. They created MediaFire to provide the world with the simplest file hosting service for sharing files and images over the internet and launched the first version in October of 2006. MediaFire is one of the largest websites in the world reaching 115+ million people per month. "

Apply at: http://www.mediafire.com/jobs.php

Los Altos, CA – Wimm Labs


About us: "We're a well-funded stealth company building a revolutionary consumer product with an emphasis on a unique, connected user experience. Our founders are leaders from Intel, Zing/Dell, WebTV/Microsoft, Apple, Netflix/Roku, Palm, and Rambus, who all share a passion for building really cool stuff. We offer competitive salaries and benefits."

We're hiring in a number of positions, including, but not limited to:

* Marketing Manager/Director

* Software Program Manager

* Developer Relations Engineer

The job descriptions are up on our LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/company/978865/careers

Our funding announcement: http://wimm.com/news.html

CivicSponsor is a new, funded startup that aims to change the way governments raise revenue and engage with their citizens. We’re building a brand-new concept--an online marketplace for local governments to crowdfund public projects--that’s at the center of massive global trends. If you believe in open government, engaged communities, green spaces and children’s education, then we want to talk to you.

We’re a small, agile team working out of SoMa, two blocks from CalTrain and across from the ball park. Our office environment is pure startup: laid-back but super productive, moving forward at breakneck speed to change the way government works.

We are looking for an enthusiastic designer who:

- Has a passion for web design and can present a portfolio of past projects. - Can turn a wireframe into a web masterpiece -- loves designing with pixels, developing icons and creating clean interfaces. - Understands UI/UX principles and can translate that knowledge into solid user-centered design. - Has a strong understanding of web development and HTML / CSS (Javascript is a nice to have as well). - Can work independently and takes pride and ownership in work product.

Responsibilities include:

- Define user flows and best practice UI/UX. - Convert wireframes/prototypes into compelling visual user experiences. - Create design mockups to demonstrate how dynamic content will function. - Develop buttons, user interface elements, icons, etc. - Develop web/application style guide. - Front-end development -- convert designs to HTML/CSS. - Have fun, be friendly, work well in a small team.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

- Understanding of CSS3, HTML5 and how they can be used to improve the user experience. - Solid understanding of design, typography and UI/UX. - Knowledge of web standards, cross-browser compatibility issues and page optimization. - Javacript experience a plus. - Mobile experience a plus. - Putt-putt skills highly respected.

To apply, send your resume, a link to your portfolio, and a cover letter sharing the (short!) story of why you became a designer to: jobs [at] civicsponsor.org

Austin, Tx - Fulltime

Gowalla (http://gowalla.com) We're the best way to keep up with your friends and discover new places ^_^ Looking for iPhone and Android developers. Hit us up jobs@gowalla.com, and mention that Richard sent you.

LA (Marina Del Rey), CA - http://www.smalldemons.com. We are a start up founded by Yahoo! and MySpace alums - looking for an awesome front end dev (full time position).

We’re still in stealth mode, but we are working on something pretty cool :). ~10 People at this point, so you may be getting in on the ground floor of what we hope will be a very interesting company to work for.

http://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/Web-Developer/8bd43510/ or jobs@smalldemons.com (include HN in the subject for extra special consideration :). Feel free to contact me (nikita@smalldemons.com) if you have any questions.

Sunnyvale, CA: TinyPrints/Shutterfly We're hiring experienced software engineers for frontend and backend positions. We're an eCommerce company and we're experiencing tremendous growth and are solving challenging scaling and distributed systems problems. We focus on performance and best user experience for our customers and are looking for people who share the same passion. Our technology is LAMP based with our frontend technology being developed with pure HTML/CSS/Javascript. We develop our own widgets! Apply here: http://www.shutterfly.com/about/positions.jsp and mention Hacker News to get preferential treatment :)

Durham, NC (fulltime, remote is possible)

Bronto Software: awesome marketing & analytics web software used by companies like Trek, Armani, Roku, Etsy, Timex and tons more. Looking for engineers to work on BIG data and BIG scalability scenarios. We use Cassandra, Hadoop, HBase and MySQL to manage over 100,000,000 data transactions a day.

We're a growing company (here's a news article from last week outlining just how much we're growing... new offices, too! http://cl.ly/7Fj8) and the Engineering group is filled with smart people. I'm the User Interface Architect here, come check us out.


Also, we have foosball.

San Francisco, CA (positions also available in New York and Colorado Springs!)

Context Optional (http://contextoptional.com/) arms Fortune 500 brands with the tools and services to help them build, manage, monitor and measure their brand presence across the social web.

We use Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis/Resque, Coffeescript, and loads of other cool tech. We are highly competitive ping-pong players. Most of us come from somewhat unusual backgrounds (I'm a China Studies major, for example). We are hiring for loads of positions, including internships!


SEEKING WORK Remote or based in Brighton, UK (so London is fine)

Mainly Python with Django at the moment (although my latest project uses Tornado). Im also quite fond of Javascript despite its quirks. CSS and HTML too of course. See http://djangopeople.net/almostobsolete for a few examples. Have also worked in Flash and Flex (AS 2 and 3), C, Haskell, Ruby, PHP and lots of others.

A little bit late to this one but thought I might as well post anyway. I got (and am continuing to get) some good work from some cool people last time!

Looking for freelance work but feel free to contact me about anything

Tom (at) almostobsolete.net

Barcelona, Spain

Xing AG (http://www.xing.com) is hiring. If you are a ruby developer, frontend developer or scrumm master we are looking for you to join out team here in Barcelona. We are 16 people from all over Europe in Barcelona and are adding another 5 people to our team. Want to work on a 10+ million user platform under blue skies with lots of beaches and outdoor opportunities message me for the details.

Only caveat is that for the positions in Barcelona you'll have to have a EU citizenship. But we are also hiring in Hamburg where it's possible to get working visas for non-eu citizens.

Game Closure - Palo Alto, CA - Software Engineer

Game Closure makes JavaScript/HTML5 games run on all mobile and browser platforms. We are funded by A-list angel investors and VCs and won’t stop until we are the #1 JavaScript gaming company in the world.

About You: You have a proven history of execution - HTML5 games are great! You love the challenge of doing what has never been done with JavaScript. You have a passion for JavaScript gaming and/or real-time multiplayer networking. You want to work with highly competent and accomplished technologists. You might be a visual or audio artist.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits.

contact: jobs@gameclosure.com

London - Summer INTERN and Permanent hires


Hiring Software Developers and Systems Developers for mobile messaging and payments, might be your cup of tea....

We're a Java MySQL shop with some C++, Python and Scala around the edges, but really we just want passionate programmers.

questions to neil.johnson at openmarket.com

http://www.mxtelecom.com/uk/careers http://www.mxtelecom.com/uk/careers/roles/sysdev http://www.mxtelecom.com/uk/careers/roles/softdev

San Francisco, CA (full-time, part-time, remote possible)

Pieceable is looking to change the way mobile mobile apps are developed, much like how WordPress changed the way many web sites are developed. We have consumer facing stuff, some developer facing stuff - fun tech to work with (iOS, Cappuccino).

Recently launched part of our product -- http://techcrunch.com/2011/04/11/pieceable-viewer/

Looking to find a great generalist engineer that can help us shape and build the product. We were recently funded by i/o ventures.

Interested? Drop me a note at fpotter@pieceable.com

POINTSTER Inc. is hiring. We are a Houston Based internet start up focused on revolutionizing person to person interactions via a web based platform. We are building a team of talented programmers and web developers that are enthusiastic and can think outside the box. This is a perfect opportunity for ambitious individuals that want to build their portfolio and gain valuable experience. Our ideal candidate has a CS / Graphic design background, but we are most interested in your skills and personality.

All interested applicants please send resume and links to your work to Pointster.Info@gmail.com.

Palo Alto, CA

Shopkick - http://www.shopkick.com/jobs.html Shopkick is a startup looking to use mobile to transform retail shopping. Macy's, Best Buy, Target, and Proctor and Gamble are just a few of our partners. We are backed with $20 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins and Greylock Partners. Right now we're hiring mobile developers, server-side developers, and more! We're still small, only about 30 employees, but we are growing fast.

Apply online at http://www.shopkick.com/jobs.html

Toura Mobile - New York City (Manhattan), NY Senior Rails & JS positions. Remote is an option, NYC preferred

We're a startup based in NYC and we have a Ruby on Rails3-based platform that allows content publishers (museums, city guides, book publishers) to build mobile applications. They press a button, and we generate a mobile app (built using JS, Webkit, etc.) and compiled via phonegap into binaries for the Android and iOS app stores.

We're hiring Senior Rails and JS developers. More info: http://toura.com/about/jobs/#railsdeveloper

San Francisco, CA - RentMineOnline, social referral marketing, is looking for a junior RoR developer.

We're former SeedCamp and FBFund participants, currently profitable and working out of the Presidio with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

You would work directly with me on the full stack, including server maintenance, deployment, ruby/rails development, javascript, and design. You don't have to be an expert in any of that, just be ready to learn.

We're looking for a full-time hire in San Francisco, but starting remotely is an option if you're not in SF yet.

email me (kevin@) if interested, please include "HN Job Post" in the title.

Castle.so - Seeking consultants. Remote is fine - although we're based in London, so would be nice to say hello properly!

We're a boutique file hosting site, just under a month old with hundreds of thousands of hits and terabytes of data. Please note we are NOT a syncing platform like Dropbox or Box.net - that is not what we do. We are a means to get a file from point A to point B. We try to make the process simple and beautiful.

Looking for anyone who has experience within this domain as we really want to ramp up over the summer with more 'pro' and even enterprise solutions.

If you can help please hit us up at hey@castle.so


New York, NY Lead Front End Engineer @ Profitably.com We just raised $1.1M, and we are looking to bring on #7. Our third co-founder was UX & Visual Design. We couldn't take design more seriously, and we need someone that loves making design a js powered reality. We've got cash and equity for you if that's in your wheelhouse. Profitably is business analytics, simplified. Email me with questions, more on the job at: http://www.profitably.com/finance/careers/vp-interaction

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / San Francisco, CA

Skunkworks.vn - A 30 person and rapidly expanding mobile app developer working on an unannounced project. Our Primary office is in Vietnam, but we are also hiring out of San Francisco. Please visit our site http://www.skunkworks.vn/careers/ or contact hr@skunkworks.vn


Senior iOS Developer, Senior Mobile Web Developer, Android Developer, Automation Testing Engineer, Technical Writer, Database Analyst Engineer, Linux Systems Administrator

Product Operations:

Customer Experience Lead, Senior User Experience Designer

I've never heard of a Vietnam startup. Are there a bunch of you guys out there?

Not really. Ours is founded by an American who has lived here for 11 years and, having previously founded and sold companies in France and California. It's sort of an American company in Vietnam, more so than a Vietnamese startup :)


Do you require a relocation to vietnam if you hire someone from the SF area?

San Francisco, CA - Trulia: transforming the real estate search experience.

Engineering team is growing, on the back-end we use Java, Hadoop, Solr, Python and lots of other technologies.

On the front-end we are looking for people with Php, Javascript and Mysql experience. Also looking for mobile developers since we have iphone, ipad and android apps.


If you have some skills that you think would work great at our company but don't see a job posted, apply to one of the ones posted and put in the cover letter section what you have in mind.

Conversocial, London, UK! Recently secured VC funding. We are growing a team of the brightest developers, currently using Python/Django with a lot of Javascript and other interesting open source technologies.

Conversocial is a SaaS business helping enterprises drive engagement on Facebook and Twitter, then manage the volume of communications that follow.


Please get in touch and say you saw us here - jobs@conversocial.com

If you can send links to projects you've done outside of work/study that's always a bonus on top of a CV.

Santa Barbara, CA: AppFolio inc. (Applicants must be willing to relocate to Santa Barbara, CA)

Hiring for two positions: A front-end Javascript/CSS specialist, and for smart and versatile software engineer generalists comfortable working in many languages (today primarily Rails)

About AppFolio: AppFolio is the fastest growing provider of online property management software. Our company was founded by a team of technology leaders with many years of experience developing Software-as-a-Service applications (previously created the GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting family of SaaS applications). We believe that a small group of passionate people can deliver extraordinary results. We believe in focus and know we can only do a few things really, really well. Our company is experienced, well-funded and built to last.

About the front-end specialist position: You are someone who paints in structured DOMs and succinct CSS and who can appreciate the beauty of well engineered unobtrusive Javascript. You will work directly with our engineering team to build out user interfaces that are used millions of times each month and help to make people's lives a little bit better.

We are looking for people who are expert with: HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript (and libraries like jQuery and Prototype), AJAX, Cross-browser testing of all the above, Firebug and related web development tools. If you have one or more of the skills below, even better: Experience with Ext JS, Experience with Ruby on Rails templates (ERB, HAML, etc), Experience with SASS

About the Software Engineer positions: AppFolio software engineers work to build scalable, robust and easy to use solutions to complex business problems. Delivering intuitive and responsive applications over the web requires us to solve both difficult engineering and product design problems.

AppFolio wants creative and independent engineers who are comfortable with a high degree of autonomy and an agile, collaborative work environment. If you are a smart, versatile software engineer with a desire to work with the following technologies, we'd love to hear from you: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Javascript/AJAX/jQuery, HTML/CSS, iPhone (iOS) and Android development, SOA/REST/JSON/XML, Apache Solr/Lucene search technology To apply, please submit your resume to tech.jobs@appfolio.com.

New York, NY

OpenSky is celebrity curated daily deals. I'm looking for a frontend hacker / designer to replace me in my current role working on marketing projects. Particularly someone with talent in CSS and jQuery.

OpenSky is on a serious hockey stick growth curve at the moment. To the point where the company has pretty much doubled in size in the 3 months I've been here...

I've posted the details here: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Front_End_Web_Developer_Design...

London, UK (full time)

Top10.co is the Top 10 of Everything, Created by Everyone.

We're building a powerful social recommendation platform where you can recommend the stuff you love in a fun and easy way, and share those recommendations with friends. We curate everyone’s ideas and opinions into real-time, filterable Top 10 Lists for every topic under the sun.

We are an ambitious team of experts building the Next Big Thing. I'm Harry, co-founder. Drop me a line to harry@top10.co or @harryjones


Are we going to do a "Who is Hiring?" for remote positions this month?

I think they are combined into one. This post is asking for the keyword REMOTE, search that to find remote positions.

Not everyone is specifying remote or not, though. :(

I guess you can assume not-remote if it doesn't say remote. If everyone who didn't allow remote were to specify "no remote" then it'd just mess with the folks who were searching for "remote", because it would also find "not-remote" and the folks searching for "remote" would get frustrated.

Whoops, this post could be annoying for those searching for "remote", couldn't it? I'll stop saying "remote" now. Sorry for saying "remote" so much.

Toronto, Canada

FreshBooks is the leading online invoicing and billing app for small and medium businesses.

Jobs: http://www.freshbooks.com/careers/

Email careers@freshbooks.com.

Mountain View, CA - Storytree.me

Those closest to you are ironically spread out all over the world, and technology is actually widening the gap between generations. StoryTree allows loved ones young and old to capture and share the stories that matter. Watch the video at storytree.me

We're looking for people that are excited about our idea but think they can do better. Full job posting at http://blog.storytree.me/storytreeme-get-excited-and-join

Glendale, CA (Los Angeles Area) AT&T Interactive/Yellowpages.com/Yp.com

Startup like environment with AT&T backing. Imagine a magical place where engineers are in charge.

Hiring Ruby on Rails engineers at all levels for internally facing tactical tools to support our Search and Data organizations. We have giant data sets and need your help in managing them.


Jersey City, NJ - High Frequency Trading Firm - No remote: We have a position at a high frequency trading firm looking for a strong perl applications developer. Less web side, more client-server type applications. No prior finance background needed. Firm will pay for relocation, has top pay (much higher than in the Valley) and great benefits. While its technically a finance firm, they pride themselves on working like a software firm. Email me at trent.krupp@constitutionllp.com for details.

Austin, TX. My company, Debix, is hiring full-time Java devs. http://www.debix.com/about/careers/. Feel free to pm me.

San Francisco, CA -- Software Engineeer

EggCartel, www.eggcartel.com We're building a local mobile commerce platform to make buying and selling of used items as easy as taking picture on the phone. Office in downtown sf, here is the view from the office http://twitter.com/#!/danz/status/73505757181640704

We're looking for mobile engineers, backend engineers and generalists who can wear multiple hats. Please send me an email danz@eggcartel.com

San Francisco, CA (actually, Burlingame, CA), full-time, Web Application Engineer

I'm the software architect at a Burlingame-based event management company. We're looking to hire a new developer to build on and maintain our highly configurable registration management platform.

Here's a few things about our team:

* A massive Zend-Framework based PHP application

* Replicated MySQL solution

* jQuery on the front end

* Git for version control

* Agile shop distributed over both East and West coast

* Semi-monthly maintenance sprints that include peer testing and code review

Please get in touch with me at relwell at aetherquest dot com for more info.

San Diego / La Jolla California http://nettle.com

Nettle has three openings:

2 backend infrastructure developers 1 frontend html/css/js engineer (yes, engineer)

We're building large systems of components and functions that interact in near real time on the web and mobile platforms.

Seed funding includes names you'll know, but we can't say just yet.

The company has three employees today, all engineers and very hands on. The co-founders have five successful startups behind them and are angel investors in the local community.

Cambridge, MA Panjiva (http://panjiva.com) is changing the way companies do business across borders. We're VC-backed by the same investors that backed ITA Software, Groupon, Akamai, etc. We're also profitable and have thousands of customers. Hiring in engineering (frontend UI/UX; backend data mining/ops) and business (marketing, sales, etc.). See http://panjiva.com/jobs

New York, NY

Intent Media is hiring developers to help us build out our platform for advertising on ecommerce web sites.

We crawl through giant data sets from some of the biggest companies out there to help decide whether or not someone is likely to buy something and, if they aren't, what ad we should serve them.

We've grown from 6 to 30 people over the last two years, and we expect to continue to grow quickly. We're looking for people with Java, Ruby, and Hadoop experience.

Email me directly at kurt@intentmedia.com if you're interested.

Life360: San Francisco, CA

We turning smartphones into the next generation of safety devices for over 3 million families.

We need a Head of Geolocation to lead our geolcation efforts. At peak, we are receiving over 2,000 locations / second and need someone to create the framework to handle and process these locations and provide value to the users.

You can see the job posting here: http://life360.jobscore.com/list. Or, email me at: alex@life360.com

Cheers, Alex

Woburn, MA - True Fit Corporation

We're looking for a Software Engineer with a background/interest in machine learning. Technology stack is Scala/Postgres.

We have a proven solution to the size problem discussed here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1672624. We're well-funded, have customers and key business relationships in place, and are about to emerge from stealth mode.

My spam-filtered email is in my profile. Email me for more details.


Brooklyn, NY

Etsy is hiring! -- http://www.etsy.com/jobs

I'm hiring a Web Application Security Engineer, if you enjoy webapp pentesting and writing custom security tools you should drop me a line. Also, we're looking for a number of both junior and senior software engineers so if the posts on our tech blog (http://codeascraft.etsy.com/) are interesting to you come apply online.

how about remote?

To my knowledge we're currently only looking for candidates based locally (or willing to relocate.)

Fused! Web hosting provider. Hiring system administrators / support representatives -- telecommute. Competitive salaries / equity :)

www.fused.com/careers.php -- though the more up to date job posting is available @ http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1035470

Based in Toronto, though expanding elsewhere. ~2,000+ clients, 100% bootstrapped. In operation since Moses parted the red sea :)

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

We are looking for iOS, Android and other mobile developers, as well as Ruby/whatever backend and HTML/CSS/JavaScript frontend developers.

We're a team of passionate people working with large companies on exciting and innovative projects, as well as out own homemade products. We are dedicated on building the best place to work at :)



Love the look of the company. From Trois-Rivières but would gladly relocate. You'll hear from me soon =).

New Delhi : App store search and discovery startup is looking for a marketing/bizdev manager http://iapps.in/jobs

Besides affiliate fees, how do you guys make money?

We have a business model that will be shared with the candidates.

Emeryville, CA (first Bart stop from SF across the Bay)

Location Labs http://www.locationlabs.com/news/jobs/

Location-based mobile consumer and safety services. Shipping on over 100m devices in the US. Opportunities range from mobile development (iOS, Android, Blackberry), backend (Python, Ruby, Java), and frontend web devs. Other opps include Product Management, QA, and Build/Release engineers.

Redwood City, California

We're an early-stage technology startup based in Redwood City. We are working on creating a real-time solution to optimize the metrics that really matter to you and your company.

Full list with descriptions: http://blog.insidevault.com/

Benefits: - competitive salary, - stock options, - medical/dental paid in full, - flex vacation policy, - lots of challenges and interesting problems to solve.

H1B considered


Durham NC and REMOTE developers working on EST time.

Relevance (http://thinkrelevance.com) is hiring. http://thinkrelevance.com/jobs

Developers : Ruby/Clojure/Javascript Designers Agile Project Managers (http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=1621826)

Toronto, full time (no remote) Uken Games - http://www.uken.com/jobs

We are a profitable startup (~15 full times) that makes web based games in HTML5 for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Facebook. We are growing fast and need talented back-end web engineers to help us scale (Rails & MySQL). We are also looking for Javascript developers to help us push the edge of what browsers can do.

London, UK and Manchester, UK (remote is acceptable for the first few weeks until we have office space established and set up)

Symfony developers, SQL experience, front end experience (HTML5, jQuery, etc preferable but not necessary), experience as a software architect also preferable

http://postdesk.com/ (use developer contact form) We're a start up based around editorial, discussion and debate on line.

San Francisco: CastTV (http://casttv.com/work_here)

We are the San Francisco "startup" unit of Tribune Media Services, hiring software engineers, program managers, and product managers to build the world's more comprehensive video database/discovery engine. Our consumer site has >1M uniques per engineer and our clients include Microsoft, Google, TiVo, Comcast, IMDb and more.

Come work at Onswipe. We're hiring 6 awesome engineering positions: http://blog.onswipe.com/jobs. Email: founders@onswipe.com . It goes directly to Mark Bao, myself, and Andres Barreto.

Not convinced? Read this: http://blog.onswipe.com/jobs/9-reasons-why-you-need-to-work-...

New York, NY

DISTRO.fm – http://distro.fm/about/jobs – is working to revolutionize how artists distribute music to fans. We’re in our early stages, but already distributing music from some of New York’s top festivals. We could use the help of…

* A full-stack JavaScript developer (DISTRO runs a single-page website backed by Node.JS)

* A DISTRO Diplomat to help us talk to more bands, venues and concert promoters.

Dallas, TX - Full Time http://www.IBG.com

We are looking for full time ruby on rails developers to join our team. We are an established and growing reputation management and internet marketing company looking for talented, driven and self motivated developers to assist with internal systems development.

We are hiring for multiple positions - junior, mid level and senior.

Please send your resume to gary@ibg.com

AppliedTrust - full time, local only - Boulder, CO http://www.appliedtrust.com/jobs

Infrastructure Engineer

Drupal Developer

AppliedTrust is a full service IT consulting firm. We focus on infrastructure, security, and open source technologies. Check out our famous employee canon: http://www.appliedtrust.com/company/canon

Philadelphia, PA

We're hiring developers and DBAs to help work on the next phase of search and discovery. You can check out the position on LinkedIn. http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=1637027&...

Boston, MA: https://www.streetaccount.com/careers.aspx

StreetAccount provides real-time news and data to institutional investors. We're a small but feisty company that has seen great success. We're most urgently looking for some good people with SQL Server experience. You can email me at kzaragoza@streetaccount.com if you have any questions.

San Francisco, CA / Tokyo, Japan / Barcelona, Spain

Midokura (http://midokura.com) - is building cloud enabling technologies, such as virtualized networking technologies.

We're in early stages, but we already have customers, funding, and we are expanding fast in three continents.

We're looking for low level system engineers with Java/C/C++/Python experience, as well as front end engineers.

Email: careers@midokura.com

RightSignature | Easy Online Document Signing https://rightsignature.com

Santa Barbara or San Francisco

We are looking for a Rails/JS engineer to join our product development team.


Contact: cary@rightsignature.com

New York, NY (SoHo)

TheLadders.com is hiring developers across the stack, as well as folks with strong Product and UX [design] chops.

View and apply for all available opportunities here: http://careers.theladders.com

You can also submit your cover letter and resume to work@theladders.com. Be sure to include to include the position title in the subject line of your email

San Jose, CA

Axolotl Corp (an Ingenix company) builds health information exchange software delivered through a SaaS model. We are looking for software developers, development managers, product managers, and implementation engineers.



Barcelona, Spain

3scale Networks is looking for Ruby + Rails developers and a UI designer.

Ruby: http://www.3scale.net/jobs/ruby-on-rails-developer/ UI: http://www.3scale.net/jobs/webux-designer/

Feel free to contact me (or the email mentioned in the listing) if you're interested.

Rotterdam, NL (fulltime)

KenTyde - http://kentyde.com/ (come help us out with that...)

We're looking for a 5th employee, with tech skills. We work with Python, CouchDB, ZeroMQ, Redis and a bunch of other cool open source stuff, building an asset management firm. We're currently building a track record and seek to open our first fund sometime later this year.

San Mateo, CA (could be remote)

Scale Computing is hiring a Senior Software Engineer with file systems experience

About Scale: We are a well funded storage startup seeking an experienced software engineer to aid in the development of our clustered storage product.

Apply Here: http://scalecomputing.myexacthire.com/ViewJob-29077.html

New York, NY

Cell Division is a Pharma to Physician medical education company. We are primarily a LAMP based shop but also use Node.js, MongoDB, Perl, Nginx, Gearman, and various other technologies. Our team is very easy to work with and all around intelligent guys.

We are looking for a quick turnaround for a new senior level PHP developer. Competitive salary based on experience.

Email: carlson@celldivision.com

Anywhere - Automattic has quite a few openings: http://automattic.com/jobs/

Flurry, the leader in mobile analytics is hiring in SF & NYC! Seeking Engineering Team Lead - Analytics, Android Mobile Software Engineer, iOS Engineer, Front-End/Web Developer, Senior Software Engineer - Mobile Advertising http://www.flurry.com/about-us/jobs.html amy@flurry.com

Washington, DC - Python!

Hey HN, we at neworganizing.com are seeking Python developers to work on an exciting civic engagement project during the next election cycle. We are a non-profit and not a startup, but I think many people here would appreciate our culture. Please shoot me an email at stefan@neworganizing.com if you would like to discuss our work and employment.

Karachi, Pakistan (full time)

Small software shop looking to build a team of smart engineers. We design and implement our own products - i.e we're not an outsourcing company. We work on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and use a range of tools to get things done (C,C++,ObjC,Java,C#,Python). If you're from Karachi and reading this page, we'd love to talk: jobs@jumpdesktop.com

London England and Palo Alto CA. Maxeler Technologies (www.maxeler.com) has a number of open positions. Maxeler accelerates applications using a miz of hardware and software techniques including FPGAs and GPUs. We are looking for software and applications engineers and FPGA hardware engineers. E-mail a CV and cover letter to careers@maxeler.com.

New York, NY

GameChanger is Hiring iOS, Android, Python developers.

http://gc.io/jobs http://gc.io/press

INTERNs also welcome. Join a fast-growing, revenue-producing, world-changing, code-valuing startup in NYC. Bonus fun if you like sports, MongoDB, stats.

Non-technical jobs too: assistant/intern/do-it-all, and Head of Marketing.


SocialFeet <3 NYC

Social referral programs for online retailers


Expanding team offour with just completed large seed round (shhh! not yet announced). Hiring a UI/UX/visual designer and multiple software engineers. Live on 35+ sites. API-first agile development, node.js, mongodb, AWS.

Email mike [at] socialfeet [dot] com.

Washington DC Metro Area and Northern VA - Full Time Exciting new startup in Visual Computing looking for C#/C++ developers including experience with but not limited to: multi-threaded, socket-level network, kernel or Windows driver programming experience, OpenCV, OpenCL, DSP, XMPP, audio, and video. Contact mike [at] mikefrye [dot] com

New York, NY -- BestVendor.com is hiring a front-end developer. We're well-funded by investors like Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal, first investor in Facebook), but are still on the early side of product development. The right person could have a huge impact on a major product.

Also looking for interns (paid). Email ben at bestvendor.com for more info.

Pixfizz is hiring a Ruby and Javascript developer. It includes RESTful rails, Node.js and a rich client-side web-app.

Based in London, UK, considering from the EU and US. Details: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/11806/ruby-and-javascr...

Pitchfork (http://pitchfork.com/) is looking for an entry-level Django dev out of our Chicago office. Flash skills and a good sense of design are extra points.

Send resume and GitHub/Bitbucket/whatever profile(s) to the first five letters of my username @ pitchfork dot com, along with any questions you have.


Durham, NC

Wired Triangle is a Salesforce.com consulting and development partner, seeking a software engineer to work in a small company environment on a variety of client projects across many industries, as well as internal product development.


Mountain View, CA - Java - Intern, H1B, Fulltime

Addepar is recreating the infrastructure that powers global wealth management. Addepar's technology increases efficiency, transparency, and sophistication within the global investment industry, thwarting fraud and furthering meritocracy in one of the most important areas of the global economy.


Los Angeles. Lead developer, DeviceReady: http://www.deviceready.com/test-android-apps-on-multiple-dev...

Must have lots of Android experience.

Los Angeles, QA Engineer, BugCam: http://www.getbugcam.com

REMOTE ok for both.

Email me (see profile)

San Francisco, CA -- Senior Ruby on Rails engineer - iOffer; full time employment desired, willing to work on contract basis also: http://ioffer.jobscore.com/jobs/ioffer/senior-rails-applicat...

Oklahoma City | Tulsa | Stillwater, OK

InterWorks Inc.is hiring: Web developers with experience in PHP, JavaScript, XHTML/CSS.

.NET Developers with experience in C#, Entity Framework/NHibernate, ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC)

We pride ourselves on a friendly down to earth culture where employees love their job!

Check us out -> www.interworks.com Submit resumes to careers@interworks.com

Downtown SF and Sunnyvale, CA: Riverbed Technology is hiring for Cloud Storage, Data Deduplication, performance and networking.

You'll find detailed descriptions here:


Feel free to message me if you are interested or have any questions.

Milwaukee or Madison, WI - fulltime or intern

KnockDown Ninja - We're looking for a web application developer with a solid understanding of python and relational databases. We use Nginx, Apache, Varnish, PostgreSQL, Django, RabbitMQ, and Git. Experience with any of those is a plus, as is with the Google Closure compiler.

Contact info in profile.

London, UK (full time)

Founded by ex-Amazon executives and engineers, Rangespan is an ambitious e-commerce software company that makes it easy for retailers to offer deep product selection.

Looking for senior software developers; stack includes Python, Django, MongoDB, MySQL and AWS.


Pittsburgh, PA

Vivisimo is hiring application developers, systems programmers, and QA folks to work on our top notch information retrieval products. We code and test in a variety of languages including C, Java, and Ruby. http://vivisimo.com/about/careers.html

New York City UI/UX Designer Allmenus.com + Campusfood.com

We're a Quantcast top 500 property with a sticky product and over 16 million orders placed.

Reach out to me through jshamenski@allmenus.com More positions viewable @ http://dotmenu.catsone.com/careers/?portal

New York, NY (Chelsea) -- Full-time + Freelance

http://www.sypartners.com SY Partners is hiring Interaction and Application Developers full-time. Both are heavy javascript, with the application developer also doing Ruby and node.js work.

Questions: whoughton@sypartners.com

Groupon, in Palo Alto and Chicago


Philadelphia, PA -- Wingspan

small software shop, work with smart people, enterprise business apps, interns OK

  Java web service built on Documentum
  Java middle tier talking to Oracle and Documentum
  Ext JS web client supporting IE7+ and Firefox
dgetz@wingspan.com to challenge our coding test

Dustin -

Any interest on you guys' part in remote or freelance work? I just had a kid and can't move or give up the insurance that comes with a defense job, but I've got plenty of expertise in what you say you need and I'd be interested in seeing what I can do for you guys.

feel free to email.

also, senior pharma experience = great

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