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I have some green sensibilities, but I'm more of a Post-scarcity Socialist. Backing a currency with a scarce resource serves no purpose other than to keep us serfs "down on the manor" so to speak. Standards of living didn't start rising significantly until fiat money really took off. Societies and governments give currency value; it has little to no inherent value on its own.

But the primary philosophy behind bitcoin is right-libertarian / Ayn Rand / a return to the 19th century with futuristic technology.

Go look up the Cyphernomicon for instance, where you'll find Tim May cheerleading for cryptocurrency-powered darknet murder marts. Here's a choice sample quote:

    begin quote
16.10.4. Will I be sad if anonymous methods allow untraceable markets for assassinations? It depends. In many cases, people deserve death--those who have escaped justice, those who have broken solemn commitments, etc. Gun grabbing politicians, for example should be killed out of hand. Anonymous rodent removal services will be a tool of liberty. The BATF agents who murdered Randy Weaver's wife and son should be shot. If the courts won't do it, a market for hits will do it. - (Imagine for a moment an "anonymous fund" to collect the money for such a hit. Interesting possibilities.) - "Crypto Star Chambers," or what might be called "digilantes," may be formed on-line, and untraceably, to mete out justice to those let off on technicalities. Not altogether a bad thing.

    end quote
Attacking vulnerabilities in the bitcoin network seems like a great idea. At this point, so does anything that might take it down. It's a technology that deserves to be eliminated.

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