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I do not want to argue if this type of stuff is good or bad. But I do want to point out to you all that list of tech gods is full of similar stories. Off the top of my head:

MySpace started out purely through spam...Tim Ferris started out in online supplement sales...People complained about Plaxo doing black hat stuff... they sold ok. People complained about Zynga ripping off other games and about breaking every Facebook platform rule there was... look at Mark Pincus now. People complained about Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg stealing their idea... he does not care.

"Everyone's doing it" isn't a valid excuse.

you did not read the first line of my post. My point is just that this is nothing new...

So and your point is now, that it's okay to be unethical like the people you mentioned, just to get rich?

not here to discuss ethics. Just making the point that this is extremely typical and far more common than you may think.

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