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I couldn't post the whole post due to the character limit so here it is:

For the last couple of years I have worked in two different jobs as a full stack developer. Both of them were really interesting, the stack, the problems, the people, the domain. The first one was in banking, the second one in science, where I still am (starting year 3). In both of those jobs I noticed the same pattern happening with time. A very politically engaged developer/manager/activist would get hired, then we would start receiving from him/her a lot of articles about inequality, feminism, racism, or white fragility, he/she would then start “activating” some other people to his/her cause, then at some point someone would propose that we should go through some kind of anti-racist/anti-sexists/anti-anything training, at which point the atmosphere between people is usually so weird that I decide to change my job. This is literally the point I am at now.

Now, some context. I am about 30 y/o, naturalised citizen of the UK, where I moved about 8 years ago. I am interested in politics, philosophy, science, and many other things, and I talk a lot about them, but either online, or in person/via direct messages with friends. I frequently disagree with things that are being presented as the only truth in those political conversations/courses at work, but I do not want to waste my time to argue about them during my work hours, and not only because of the fear of being labelled racist/sexist/bigoted and reported to HR. It’s also a bit of what Paul Graham wrote in “What you can’t say”: “If your aim in life is to rehabilitate the color yellow, that may be what you want. But if you're mostly interested in other questions, being labelled as a yellowist will just be a distraction."

I am obviously not a proponent of racist/sexism/x-ism, so it’s not just a question of me working with people with whom I disagree politically. For the same reason I would not want to work in a company where the constant theme is “building the wall”, or the Tories, or anything really.

I feel like I’m being brainwashed at work, with no ability to stop it, other than by changing my job. I want to do programming, if I’d wanted to learn about the critical race theory I would have gone studying whatever you study to learn it. Any attempt to ask people to move their conversation to a dedicated political channel are being ignored or worse, labeled as “insensitive”, sometimes with a lecture about how “everything is political anyway”.

This is a throwaway account, so please don’t send me actual job offers, but instead I would really appreciate if people could tell me what kind of job I need to look for to get as far away from those weird political people as possible? (This is not a troll post, I am honestly asking for help).

I assume working close to academia probably doesn’t help, so to not make the same mistake for the third time, how do I find places that focus on programming?

Try freelancing. You get almost all of the perks of being employed minus the downsides, you can leave whenever you want, the pay is better and you can ignore most of the corporate bs. You will have to take out your own health insurance and you should save like a squirrel to ensure continuity in case of mishap.

Where are you located, specifically?

That'd be London, UK

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