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Friend, I am afraid you have missed my point. What I meant was that open source have change the software world. Nothing is the same anymore, and in my opinion, the "cloud-revolution" we are observing today has a lot to do with open/free software.

It might be true that most browsers are closed source running on top of closed source operating systems, but that is just one half of the picture. the other half tells a story of most web traffic, especially on most popular ones, is generated by open platform.

Vast majority of programmers are writing closed source. yet they do not affect the market as those who write open source.

The EFF disagrees with you about the cloud. They believe the cloud is a serious loss of freedom, partially because cloud-code is hidden (even modified GPL code) and partially because people are giving away their privacy.

The cloud has been great for the business of writing software, but not because it is more free or open.

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