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wow, the posts are nothing compared to the comments! and there are thousands of them

I was betting on a fb test account for spam-bots, but I googled she also has a yt account http://www.youtube.com/user/refbatch which is even more creepy than her fb.

first for me it was obvious that's a bot, now I see the very short intervals in the conversation do not make the content impossible to be human generated, still OP's question is valid: what the hell is it???

Wow! This is horrifying! It looks like the video from "The Ring"...

yeah, creepy as hell. if it was a facebook api gaming bot, why on earth they would make a wierd yt account?

unless it's some kind of viral.. a very creepy viral...

oh, and I like the 'spies communicating' theory

Those videos ar real creepy, it freaked me out.

Are you sure that's the same person / entity? Grammar / writing style is way different.

Originally I ruled out a single person being behind it just due to the volume / frequency of the FB post. But that refbatch youtube account is hitting 1 video / ten minutes, and that pretty much has to be a real person, so maybe I'm mistaken.

I googled some quotes from the fb and came across forums where people were linking this yt as her/it's. TBH I didn't make any credibility checks on that.

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