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Progression | London / UK | Backend (Ruby / Rails) | Fullstack (Rails / Vue / React)

At Progression we're helping everyone to build better, more meaningful careers by letting teams define career paths and employees measure themselves against them.

We think HR software is fundamentally broken for employees and managers.

As an employee, not only do HR tools give you more work to do, but they rarely deliver real value back. The endless goals, performance reviews, surveys and learning and development blah blah blah. Honestly, just let me do my work. What's more — when you leave, poof. All your data is gone. No record of what you've accomplished, or the projects you've worked on.

Meanwhile as a manager, you have nothing to help. You're stuck with whatever the HR team bought because they knocked a dollar off the price. Oh, and spreadsheets. Endless spreadsheets.

This has to change. The tools we use to design and build our careers must do a better job for us.

We've raised seed money from fantastic UK and US investors and are now starting to build a team of wonderful humans to help us with our vision to turn Progression into the definitive way for anyone to track their career.

Find out more: https://progressionapp.com/careers

Contact me: neil [at] progressionapp.com

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