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Jeff Bezos Pitching Amazon.com (1997) [video] (youtube.com)
156 points by artembugara 69 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 32 comments

Here he just reminds you of an excited nerd talking about his favorite Dungeons & Dragons setting, and now he's the richest person on the planet.

I like the part where he was talking about how much better web ads are than print because you can track revenue per ad dollar spent. He was about to say something, paused to find another term and said “marketer’s nirvana.” I wonder if he originally thought to say “marketer’s wet dream” and edited himself since he’s on video.

I like how he truly seems to be into the internet and chose books as a vehicle.

At any d&d table there’s usually 1-2 people who can bridge fantasy and reality and make them both better. Then there’s people who live in fantasy. And of course there’s mundies/normies/whatever who are in reality and would never spend hundreds of hours in make believe.

That’s so funny. I was also thinking “is he going to say wet dream? I think he is” and then I was kind of impressed he found a loftier phrase.

same with Elon talking about video games, he gets excited talking about them after this interview:


really, both are highly ambitious nerds who apply systems thinking to the real world.

The original Deus Ex is excellent, so he’s right

So good!

Early this winter I had a huge Deus Ex Déjà vu when I was walking in the along the river and someone with a mask was hunched over a barrel coughing (not on fire though, but my imagination filled in that gap). Also during a day when Bitcoin was in the news.

Pandemic circumstances predicted.

Here's my favourite essay on it, that doesn't only go into the game details but also the underlying narrative, political and economical philosophy that makes this game one of a kind: https://youtu.be/rxOKEsBx4NU

It all starts with a pandemic.

Yeah, because he's the nerd whose Dungeons & Dragons setting everyone wants to play.

Bezos on 60 minutes in 99: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InEgmXhU4KA

I love the comparisons to Sears and Barnes and Noble.

Amazing ! Most of the Amazon's marketplace strategy is laid out there. It is incredibly consistant with what Amazon is today. Ranging from focus on delivery time to wholesale accounts, including the importance of attention, it seems very complete to me.

I know Bezos letters to shareholder were thoughtful, but in 1997's edition, the vision laid was less consistent with what we experience today. (https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1018724/000119312513...)

And it is one thing to write a letter with hours of preparation, another to answer a quick video interview with such a clear view. This video is noteworthy !

[Edit : typo]

I thought exactly the same as you.

And what surprised me was that he already talked about "it's hard to track" (while talking about ads). The mindset was literally already there, it's like he knew already what, why and build it, except he didn't have maybe the tools he had today. Crazy.

At 4m48s:

> This is day one. This is the very beginning. This is the Kitty Hawk stage of electronic commerce.


Pro-tip: timestamps can use everyday units as well:

* https://youtu.be/rWRbTnE1PEM?t=4m28s

Now we are entering the AmericanAirlines stage- everyone uses it and everyone hates it and it’s stagnated for decades.

I guess maybe I'm alone then, but I don't hate using Amazon.

I’m glad it’s working for you and they are the biggest etailer ever so I don’t think you’re alone. But lots of people use American Airlines too.

My experience is degrading year over year, but I’m just me with my preferences.

In the video Bezos talks about word of mouth recommendations because everyone loved his site. I used to recommend it a ton, and I remember telling people about it around this time. I don’t any more.

Same here. The UX isn’t perfect but they provide a killer service (Prime) for the price.

I don't think it's the ui that bothers people, it's the accusations of workers rights issues

I really really don't think that it's the accusation of workers rights to bother people. People don't give a DAMN about workers rights, even when they know that iphones are build in factories where people do suicides. What people don't see, people don't give a damn about.

What bothers people is fake products, reviews, "ops, I didn't get the package in 1 day, amazon is not anymore the same as in the old times", that have increased of course. That's the nature of things.

As much as I hate Amazon for those issues, I wouldn’t want to leave my prime membership. It’s almost essential to me now.

I'm sold. Is there a way to invest in 1997 retroactively as well?

> quantitative hedge fund..

The guy was smart, was intelligent, knew his way around numbers, saw what many didn't even THINK of seeing. He was/is a very talented man. Altough I don't agree with some of the things that Amazon did/does/etc. but kudos to him.

He was as surprised as anyone that it succeeded.

The woman passing by in the background probably didn't have any idea that this guy was going to take over the world in few years.

Kid running in the background is the bonus of the video.

HGH is a an amazing drug

What’s this in reference to? I thought it was used for therapy in children

Not OP, but I took it to mean Bezos is benefiting from HGH. He looks younger now than in 1997. I mean that he looks like an awesome robot version of 1997 Bezos.

I have no idea his health regimen, but it does seem like lots of rich people are looking awfully young these days. I can’t afford HGH so I haven’t investigated whether it’s actually that great for anti-aging.

lol don't you wish we all had access to it

Wtf's with all the Jeff Bezos posts all of a sudden?

He stepped down as ceo, so folks are out lionizing him.

"Stepping", he's not out of the chair until Q3.

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