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Forestry.io | Software Engineer(s), Developer Advocate | PEI Canada | REMOTE | https://forestry.io/

--- About Us

Forestry.io is on a mission to help people build a better web. We’re building a Git-backed content management system (CMS) and an open source site-editing toolkit (TinaCMS) -both focused on the JAMstack.

We're a small, growing company (~20 people) and are proud of our remote-first, people-centric culture. Read more about that here: https://forestry.io/careers

--- Apply

Our open roles are posted here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/forestry

If you're not a perfect fit for the engineering role, as described in our JD, but you believe you'd be a great fit for Forestry, please send us an email at careers@forestry.io and let us know why. I can assure you we'll take a look.

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