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Bangui magnetic anomaly (wikipedia.org)
82 points by benbreen 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

No idea if it's related, but that's close to the "The Earth Is Pulsating Every 26 Seconds, and Seismologists Don't Agree Why" thing:


Have you seen how crazy looking that island is? Someone finance me and Ill figure out if there is buried alien treasure there.


When they say its negative -1000nT or whatever, what does that mean? Compasses point to the South Pole?

Google says that the magnetic field strength on surface is between 30µT and 60µT. To these values, the anomaly would be a bump of at most 3%.

I would guess the negative indicates that the field has reduced strength there.

It's more to do with the overall intensity of the anomaly. If you'd like to become thoroughly confused, I'd recommend looking up remnant magnetisation, which is the bane of my existence.

It seems clear from articles in the past 10 years a meteor strike is very unlikely.

e.g. - if you look at the wiki reference [7] "The Bangui Magnetic Anomaly Revisited" they clearly say no with what seems like an air tight explanation.

I know wiki isn't a source of truth, but academia doesn't seem to be stepping up with solutions. Someone needs to say the meteor strike theory is very unlikely and needs more updated evidence or modelling to still be taken seriously.

Does CERN create a magnetic anomaly when the LHC spins up?

My god, it’s full of stars.

2001 reference?

It's one of these quotes that isn't actually present in the source material its associated with (the film that is). It is in the book, kind of:

"The thing's hollow - it goes on forever - and - oh my God! - it's full of stars!"

I imagine because the monolith is found on the moon because it emits a powerful magnetic anomaly.

It's probably that vibranium deposit. I saw a film about it.

It's interesting that the page has "See also: Wakanda" at the bottom.

Are those links automatically generated or are they added manually by editors?

Someone added it today, which sucks.


Added in the 12:39 edit and removed in the 14:41 (current, newest) edit

Speaking of which...I can't revert the edit because someone at the place I work got our IP banned from editing, but can someone remove that silly "see also" link that was added today?

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