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VIVA Finance | Atlanta, GA | Full-Time, Summer Intern | Full-Stack Engineer | https://viva-finance.com

VIVA Finance is a FinTech Startup focused on building a more inclusive financial system. We offer fair and affordable personal loans to working Americans using an alternative underwriting model that is based on employment--instead of credit history. Our rates are as much as 35 times lower than traditional lenders, which has fueled extremely high customer satisfaction and explosive growth. At the end of 2020 we closed on a $2.3 million seed round to cover operating expenses and a $15 million facility to fund our loans and are looking to use this capital to grow up to 5x this year. If you are interested in working for a high-growth startup with a strong commitment to positive social impact, we would love to talk to you!

VIVA's Engineering team is looking to hire Full-Stack Software Engineers to help us as we continue to scale. Our website is written with Vue and Tailwind, hosted on AWS with S3 and CloudFront CDN. Our backend is written in NodeJs running on AWS Lambda and orchestrated by the Serverless Framework. We are looking for someone who is interested in working at all layers of the tech stack, be that configuring CSS on the website, adding DevOps functionality to our CICD pipeline, or updating the decision logic for our underwriting model.

If interested in applying or hearing more about the job, reach out to me (Alex, VP of Engineering) with a resume via email: alex@viva-finance.com

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