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WeaveGrid | https://www.weavegrid.com | Engineering, Product Analytics, Customer Experience and more | San Francisco, CA | Full-time

We’re on a mission to drive rapid decarbonization in global transport and power sectors by intelligently connecting electric vehicles to the grid.

Our software makes it cheaper and easier for utilities to support the growth of electric vehicles, increase renewable energy adoption, reduce climate risk and save customers money.

We’re rapidly growing, in market with major utility contracts and funded by some of the best energy technology investors around.

Every role offers the opportunity to have a huge impact on our team, culture, technology and the sustainable energy transition.

Technologies we’re using include Python, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, CircleCI

- Web Engineer: https://www.weavegrid.com/jobs/web-engineer-VMjMiyX

- Product Analyst: https://www.weavegrid.com/jobs/product-analyst-SSlXbML

- Customer Experience Lead: https://www.weavegrid.com/jobs/customer-experience-lead-h93e...

Interested, but don’t see your role listed - reach out here: https://airtable.com/shrjPrFFdK7nzQxlx#

Would love to connect about the product analyst role at some point, applying now!

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