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Schoolhouse.world | Full-stack web developer | REMOTE | FULL-TIME | https://schoolhouse.world

We are a new non-profit startup founded by Sal Khan with the mission of connecting the world through learning. Our peer tutoring platform empowers students everywhere with free online tutoring over Zoom. It's still the early days — we just launched our new website and have a couple thousand learners from 40+ countries, with plans to grow this platform to millions. It's been an exciting journey.

We’re a five-person team, and we want people who thrive in a fast-paced environment and can do some of everything:

— Stack: React, TypeScript, Next.js, Node.js, PostgresQL, AWS

— Qualifications: Full stack development, with scalability and devops experience a huge plus. Can build things from scratch. Excited to learn anything and everything.

— $: Competitive salary.

— tl;dr: Foundational role in a mission-oriented startup leading a movement in peer tutoring.

If you're interested, please email us at engineering@schoolhouse.world!

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