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Despite all criticism and cynicism all over the Linux communities about the numbering and all that stuff, for me, every release of the Kernel (as well as any other major / dominant open source platform / project) is a reason for celebration.

It simply means, openness and freedom won the software/internet game. The fact there are people out there, spend the best of their times, contributing code and manuals docs, debugging and filing bugs, etc. etc. Is a sign that RMS and alike were not _"a bunch of hippies who likes to code for free"_ or even worst, a bunch of communists as some used to say at the beginning of Linux breakthrough.

From my own personal experience, it also means, the more open you will be, the more open software you will rely on, the more money you will make by the end of the day.

Thank you Linus, and all kernel contributors, for the great tools and platform you provided us for FREE!

> It simply means, openness and freedom won the software/internet game.

Except... it didn't. The far majority of programmers still write closed source non-free code. The far majority of software is still closed source and non-free. The far majority of humans browse non-free websites on non-free web browsers running on non-free operating systems.

Friend, I am afraid you have missed my point. What I meant was that open source have change the software world. Nothing is the same anymore, and in my opinion, the "cloud-revolution" we are observing today has a lot to do with open/free software.

It might be true that most browsers are closed source running on top of closed source operating systems, but that is just one half of the picture. the other half tells a story of most web traffic, especially on most popular ones, is generated by open platform.

Vast majority of programmers are writing closed source. yet they do not affect the market as those who write open source.

The EFF disagrees with you about the cloud. They believe the cloud is a serious loss of freedom, partially because cloud-code is hidden (even modified GPL code) and partially because people are giving away their privacy.

The cloud has been great for the business of writing software, but not because it is more free or open.

Oh, I don't think he was saying that wasn't the case. I believe what he meant (perhaps I am projecting here) that because it continues to exist, and exist successfully, the idea of free software wins.

The mere continued existence of free software/open source validates the ideology behind it.

As a libertarian/dyed in the wool capitalist, I love the success myself.

I don't see how existence equates to winning. A winner implies a loser.

I doubt RMS considers the status quo a success. The free software movement that I know had a much loftier concept of "win" than mere existence.

I doubt any of us could accurately predict, understand, fully appreciate that which is RMS The Great.

I mean, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S76pHIYx3ik.

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