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Pelican - A simple weblog generator written in Python (notmyidea.org)
39 points by bcl on May 30, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Is there a Pelican-driven demo blog somewhere?

Didn't 236759 people already make this?

> Didn't 236759 people already make this?

Even though they did, it's still interesting to see someone else's implementation.

Creating something yourself, even if there is something else similar out there, isn't a bad thing!

Better coding and sharing with the world, than sitting on the sidelines saying "didn't someone else do this" :-)

I really like poole.py for my static website generation software, what does your project have over it?

I like Poole as well, and I've used it for the basis of my site. It was quite easy to implement breadcrumbs, tagging and structured archives on top of it, and still have a simple core.

poole seems to emphasize easy code embedding. I like that.

Currently, i use ikiwiki, because it comes with many plugins.

How is it different from Hyde? https://github.com/lakshmivyas/hyde

This version is slightly aged. The hyde project has been more or less restarted and the current version is at https://github.com/hyde/hyde .

It seems it dropped the dependency on django and is using jinja2 now.

I wasn't aware of Hyde. From skimming the site it looks like Pelican is simpler, not requiring Django and being easier to get up and running initially.

The only drawback I've found so far is the inability of ReST to reference sections in other document files.

Hyde doesn't actually use django despite what the homepage says.

The one he linked to still requires Django (look at requirements.txt for the pip requirements).

Another alternative is this: http://blogofile.com/

I find it worth it for the dead simple multi-language support.

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