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I know they invented git, but that website sure is fugly. Time to switch to github, perhaps :-).

Why do you care what it looks like? It's whether it works well that is really important for a tool like this (that pretty much only the devs are going to use).

It's not actually great on that front either though, but the point still stands. I prefer cgit[1] myself (as it's a lot more usable). It's quite mature and used by Freedesktop [2] and Gnome [3]. If people are really worried by how it looks you can easily add your own header, footer, and alter the CSS.

I hadn't seen Gitalist (that marchdown posted) though. Looks pretty good but I wasn't that impressed by the usability of the demo though. But that will probably improve in time.

1. http://hjemli.net/git/cgit/ 2. http://cgit.freedesktop.org/ 3. http://git.gnome.org/browse/

There is a nice open-source (which github is not) web front-end for git repos, http://www.gitalist.com/, and would you believe it, even they use git-web on their website.

Unfortunately, http://example.gitalist.com/ doesn't load any content whatsoever in my browser (Google Chrome with JavaScript disabled/whitelisted). Just a white page. And I have a hunch browsing with JavaScript off is more common for kernel devs than, say, GitHub users.

Well, Chrome must be broken then, as it's a validated HTML 5 page. It works with FF with noscript (with the domain blocked). Frankly, I have a hunch that people who care about javascript security don't use Chrome.

No chrome until noscript.

I didn't disable JavaScript for security reasons, but for faster web pages on my slow EEE laptop.

It may be fugly, but it's also functional

It probably works in text based browsers too

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