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There's still no denying that the placebo effect plays a substantial role in the efficacy of antidepressant medications. It's part of the reason that fewer new medications are making it onto the market. Additionally, the SNRIs are marginally more effective, at best, than SSRIs in the treatment of depression. They are usually more expensive though! Fibromyalgia is a different story.

I'm negative on the subject because I have been on six different antidepressants and they did nothing but cause me intense discomfort. I took desvenlafaxine at a non-noradrenergic dosage level, and it still made me insomniac, gained weight fast, triggered manic symptoms, and caused intense withdrawal symptoms. I was also on an NDRI (non-sertonergic) and a tetracyclic. I am not a doctor, but given how a doctor is responsible for putting me on a carousel of medications that screwed up my body for over six months, I don't particularly care who's considered qualified to read papers.

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