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I was prescribed antidepressants on two occasions, and neither time did I enjoy the experience. I felt dulled; like I was living inside a padded chamber. Thoughts just didn't come. Sleep was all I craved. I felt "normal", rather than down, but if that's what "normal" is I don't want to be it.

In contrast, coming off the Prozac for the first time gave me the craziest burst of creative energy I've ever had and resulted in a 400-mile move, a startup, and the happiest period of my life.

But I wouldn't recommend this approach to anyone else who's feeling at a complete dead end and wants a burst of creativity. The second time round I didn't feel the same way - I felt dulled to the point of numbness and took myself off the tablets before I turned into a real zombie. Finding positivity in my work, outside encouragement (counselling), and forcing myself to get outside every morning (seriously!) all kicked me in the pants and out of the hump.

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