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Yes! I have something similar like this too, and it's pretty annoying. I'd like to read (and finish) novels, but at the same time I'm too impatient to read them and focus. There are times when I can read for hours and times I can't and just jump up every 5 minutes and start coding some piece of software I was previously working on. Unfortunately, I can't define when these times are. Plus, I'm pretty hungry for knowledge, so there are still numerous books waiting for me.

However, I don't dive into too many books at once though. I have a rule for this, to restrict myself and keep reading what I began. I can only be reading one novel, a few (2-3) technical books (on programming/software engineering/...) and one/two books on startups at once. I don't know how to fix this, but I'm okay with it I guess.

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