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It proves something anyway.

I'm a moderator of /r/silverbugs and we've been getting slammed all morning with either accounts from wallstreetbets or accounts trying to make them look bad, with dozens of brand spanking new or barely used accounts spamming to buy various silver related stocks/funds.

I've banned more accounts this morning than I have in 2 years.

Hell hath no fury like a Reddit mob scorned.

I modded and later administrated a smallish v-bulletin forum for over 5 years (20 - 70 registered users posting on any given day, depending), I remember some d*cks from a big Red Sox forum harassing us occasionally but nothing coordinated, widespread, or unmanageable.

Running a forum on Reddit seems like running a store in downtown Seattle, I'm sure the discoverability of Reddit is nice, but God bless anyone willing to put up with the mobs who just wanna break shit.

The idea is sound. Silver has been shorted and held low for a long time by institutional shorts. I am on another metals trading forum and they've been waiting for a silver breakout for years, which never comes. Why are you afraid if Silver goes higher?

>Silver has been shorted and held low

As recently as 2011 spot was as high as $56.28, it's $26.29 right now and was $14.28 last March.

I don't agree with that statement.

>Why are you afraid if Silver goes higher?

Never said I was. /r/silverbugs is for stacking, it's a hobby for the vast majority of us, we hold physical silver. So hundreds of people trying to get rich quick day trading after seeing articles about GameStop flooding the sub to tell us to buy SLV has nothing to do with our community and, in fact, most people in our community swear by "if you don't hold it, you don't own it", so it actually goes against our communities general beliefs.

Reminds me of the schmucks that seemed to pop up in every forum on the internet 15ish years ago saying to buy the Iraqi Dinar. Oh, and you know, the idiots that push penny stocks to make a quick buck off of uneducated people that have fallen for the FOMO crap that is spread by the people trying to make a quick buck.

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