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Yes! The UK folk scene is really awesome. Some of my personal favs are Bellowhead + Mawkin + Monster Ceilidh Band.

Mawkin actually has a good song about cornish mine workers, "I Can Hew"

Good bands! Faustus and False Lights are another couple of bands that fit into a similar sound/style category which also have some good rurally-sourced songs. All those up-tempo bands are so much fun to see live.

Solo singer-wise there's some great material to be found with current singers like Chris Wood or Nick Hart. And if you go back a bit there's some really interesting songs from people like Tony Hall (lots of Norfolk oddities) and Dick Gaughan (Scotland. Kist O' Gold is a great album).

I tend to know more about tune history than songs but songs do give you a lot of scope for reviving old music. I know Faustus, for example, take old lyrics and write new tunes for them to change the sound. It's a really exciting way of keeping the stories alive and maintaining their relevance for new generations.

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