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Show HN: Email forwarding for your domain – my SaaS after 10 years of failure (hanami.run)
17 points by kureikain 32 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Hi Hacker News,

I have been trying to build and launch a SaaS app for the last 10 years. Every times is yet another failure and never seen its light. One day, in process of setting up another SaaS and buy a domain and setup email. I said it would be great to forward email to my personal email, all I want is a way to receive email to those domains. So I went ahead and built this service. Now, all I need is point MX records to my app and can receiving emails. All of my emails are powered by this service since the last 3 months.

Eventually I can see I need other things such as webhook to process incoming email via HTTP request and finally in 2021, after 10 years, my first SaaS see its light.

Using my app's webhook feature you can build workflow similar to "Mail to kindle" or "Send email to create a support ticket" of Zendeck. An example I built with webhook is https://pix.fastloop.xyz . If you want to process incoming email, give my service a try too.

Let me know how you think. Any feedback is appreciated.

Looks quite useful. I run a small agency and we frequently have the problem that we need a send from email for the project, but I don‘t want to setup gmail or something similar for our client. Atm we often use noreply@, but being able to give a proper email and also receive the typically very infrequent responses sounds great.

yes, that's exact use case. Configuring or adding new domain to gsuite either as a new domain or an alias is time consuming.

Let me know if you need any help setting this up.

Hey kureikain, thank you for sharing your experience and progress! I think one thing I'm wondering is who do you see as your target market? I am a python dev with background in web and such, but I'm not really understanding the problem you're solving from your website. Also, the first step of 3 simple steps is something something MX record. Again maybe I'm not your target market but I don't really now what that means. I know it's some email DNS thing, but beyond that I find it fairly convoluted and as a result I still don't know what you're selling. Please don't take this personally, and thank you for posting, this truly is wonderful to see the things you are working on.

ah I failed you. I'm still trying to improve that landing page.

Essentially my taget audience is who own a domain and need to receive email to that domain.

The service is a way to forward email of your domain to your personal email. Example your-name@domain.com to your-name@gmail.com

At first I target technical/developer since these group usually own many domains.

I'm going to have to think about how to improve and make this clear.

Thanks for very valuable feedback.

I have been trying to hook a Zoho email to my website. So I would like to understand if I can use this service in the following way: I am running a website at sideproject.com, can i therefore forward all emails from support@sideproject.com to my email? For example on Google you can use Google Suite for enterprise.

yes, it's very simple to get started.

1. You point MX record to mx1.hanami.run and mx2.hanami.run 2. You setup an email forwarding rule in hanami.run to forward say `support@sideproject.com` -> your-personal-email

Hit me up at vinh@hanami.run if you need any help to get started.

Neat but personally I just use Google Domain’s built in functionality to accomplish this. Usually takes me about 3 minutes and it’s free. Seems like that’s going to be tough to compete against.

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