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I Almost Got Fired for Choosing React in Our Enterprise App (medium.com/drazvan91)
7 points by tejohnso 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Any other path could have been much worse. The only real conclusion is that the author wouldn't want to be the one accountable next time. Like theatre, enterprise projects are drama or comedy. No one died, project completed: comedy.

At Roadblock 1, should have asserted he is the subject matter expert on React, and the existing team is not. And walked if they did not accept that. You can be polite and diplomatic when setting hard boundaries like that.

Bottom line reality is, if the existing team is so awesome with React, what do they need the author for? He should remove himself on the ethic of Cost Containment. And if the actual reality is true, and the existing team only knows enough to understand React represents a conceptual shift in how to design code and how to complain about it, let the author do his job and the team grows their skills.

wow this is very similar to my experience...also in a .net shop now tho which i am only doing because the insane amounts of pay. I even have some old timers who literally told me they "refuse to learn anything new" but have known the boss for decades.. I've learned my lesson to read the situation better in terms of team makeup and company ethos when it comes to suggesting things like react.

Devils advocate.

If they are building quality stuff that works well. Then they may be right about fighting against new stuff.

I’m getting really tired of being handed 5-10 year projects written in an abandoned framework.

Now they absolutely should be learning new things. This is our lot in life. To use it or not is a different question.

Or they are just lazy.

There's a lot of great reasons not to like React, but it's not a throwaway project. There hasn't been a new major player in the frontend framework space for years, and most of the little ones that pop up seem to borrow heavily from React.

Additionally, the scale of its adoption seems to me a guarantee that it will stick around a long time. There's already Preact, but if one day Facebook stopped developing React, I'm sure someone would find a way to keep all that code running.

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