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For a variety of reasons, I keep my browser windows about 900 pixels wide. Your site requires a honking 1280 to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar -- and can't be read in 900 without scrolling horizontally for every line (i.e. the menu on the left is much too wide).

(OT, I know, but it's a pet peeve of mine. It's been known for years how to use CSS to make pages stretch or squish, within reason, to the user's window width. 900 is not too narrow!)

EDITED to add: yeah, I'm willing to spend some karma points on this, if that's what happens. Wide sites are getting more common, and this is one of the worst I've seen.

I had to head back and check the article out again since I had not noticed the width being an issue. For what it is worth it scaled down and was perfectly usable on my iPad.

I find your width comments especially relevant to me right because we have started a new site design project focusing on offering 5 different width based layouts. Your comment is proof that offering multiple content width options to desktop users and not just mobile is useful to some people besides just me.

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